#Tumuklas Displays Prominently As A Promoted Tweet

January 10, 2013
tumuklas0Why is #Tumuklas trending on Twitter worldwide? The hashtag #Tumuklas based on a Filipino word, which means 'to discover'. Shown as a Promoted Trend, the hashtag is purportedly meant to market the Philippines globally as a hub for literacy and education by the group @ProjectTuklas, although the tag has been taken in various contexts by Twitter users to refer to their personal experiences and as a means to market the country as a tourist and business destination. Project Tuklas defines the movement as follows.


Promoted trends, like promoted tweets, are paid and appear at the top of the trending topics list on Twitter for a specific period. Here's a look at what Twitter has posted on the trend. tumuklas2 tumuklas So far, the trend is gaining a lot of attention online. See the graph below to see how many tweets and impressions it has made as of this writing, as well as the related hashtags used.

Here's the tweet that encouraged the use of #Tumuklas, referring to the Facebook page that lifts outstanding student innovators.



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