#BadChildrensBooks Call Attention To Age INappropriate Reading

September 6, 2013
books by roboppy, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License??by??roboppy?
Parents and teachers are becoming concerned about the kinds of reading material that children are exposed to these days. Thus, the hashtag #BadChildrensBooks was created for people to share the various products and children?s books that are not age-appropriate. Other materials and products like TV shows, music albums, games and toys were also featured on the hashtag to serve as a warning to adults that they should mind what their young ones are engaged in. Some users also took the opportunity to give "examples" of book titles that would make awful books for kids. badchildrensbooks1 The hashtag #BadChildrensBooks were filled with links and photos, showing books, magazines and reading items that contained profanity, sex-related content, violence, gore and other untoward incidents that children should steer clear of. Many parents also discussed how the rising number of crimes done by teenagers and children today can be rooted from their early exposure to such inappropriate materials. badchildrensbooks2a badchildrensbooks2b Social media users tweeted about the several negative effects that improper children?s books can lead to such as early alcoholism, crimes, teenage pregnancy, severe mental conditions and broken relationships. Others also took the opportunity to share humorous lines or attack politicians and celebrities who should be completely banned from any kids? material. Some posts talked about the problems concerning the environment and bad parenting. The discussion continues to trend well on Twitter with new posts and links added each hour.  

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