#PMHarperMustResign Spotlights On Politics And Social Media

Concerned Canadians resorted to Twitter recently to create the hashtag #PMHarperMustResign, calling others to get together and demand the resignation of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Many Canadians want Harper out after they observed alleged violations done against basic democracy and human rights. One of the main situations that spurred the people to ask him to step down was when Harper admitted Nigel Wright after cutting a $90,000 cheque as repayment for the fake expense claims of a senator. According to many Canadians, the Prime Minister should have known about the fraudulent activities and his failure to have done anything about it shows incompetence on his part. Many Canadian Twitter users were angry at the news and began a political propaganda using social media networks. The hashtag #PMHarperMustResign includes several tweets about people?s anger at the recent issue, as well as what they feel should best be done about it as well as all the people involved. There were also posts regarding other expense scandals and abusive actions by the Prime Minister and others under him. Others were concerned about the seeming disregard of their leader for the independence and rights of Palestinians. Some of the tweets are as follows: Quoth the Raven (@ravenkitteh332h) tweeted, ?Because Dear Mr. Harper, corruption isn?t accountability, lip-service is propaganda, fraud isn?t legitimacy.? E. Kennedy (@pepprspraypatti21) posted, ?For shutting down long honored and respected world renowned scientific research.? The hashtag shows how social media can affect politics and call people to action to ensure that their rights are protected and others receive justice and equal freedom. So far,?#PMHarperMustResign has generated 53,300 tweets and made 40.3 million impressions. Other scandalous activities by politicians can immediately be spread using social media to inform the public about their rights as individuals and have a voice that will create waves to the highest agencies and politicians. Social media is used by several world leaders to get and share information. To date, US President Barack Obama has the largest social media following with almost 32 million followers.

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