#ObamaCareinThreeWords Counters Republicans' 37th Attempt For A Repeal

ObamaCare, or The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is again making waves on social media platforms like Twitter. The plan was made into a law on March 23, 2010 but Republicans are relentlessly trying to repeal the ACA. Recently, the Republicans tried to repeal it -- for the 37th time. The hashtag #ObamacareinThreeWords was spawned on Twitter for Democrats to show that they are fully supportive of the bill. Considering how the Senate is controlled by majority of Democrats and the House of Representatives is governed mostly by the GOP, the issue went on throughout the afternoon, with both sides sharing their positive and negative thoughts. According to Jon Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner), House Speaker, there are 70 new members in the House of Representatives who were not able to vote on ObamaCare. He iterated that it would be favorable for the new members to also be given a chance to vote on the health care law.


The hashtag amassed some 25,000 tweets an 43.4 million impressions at its peak. To date, it has generated a total of 126,300 tweets. obamacare1 obamacare2

What is ObamaCare About?

ObamaCare features more than one thousand pages of reforms covering the health care and insurance industries. The objective is to provide affordable health benefits and insurance to Americans. President Obama proposed the bill to make health care affordable to all individuals in the United States by lowering costs and making insurance plans and medical treatment readily available to everyone. Since about 44 million Americans do not have health insurance, the ACA intends to provide them with it by boosting Medicare and Medicaid. Twitter users are invited to share their opinions and sentiments in only three words. Eric Cantor (@GOPLeader) posted, ??#ObamaCareinThreeWords --> Costs $1.8 Trillion.? Most of the Democrats argued that the bill has already become a law so there would be no use raising the issue again and again. Republicans said were never fully convinced of the ACA, saying that it costs too much and would not completely solve the problem. Here's what some Twitter users have to say about the speaker's statements.



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