8 Kinds of Social Media Personalities: Which Are You?

When exploring social media networks, you will discover different types of people. Some of these will immediately appeal to you because of their knowledge and charisma. Others will take some time to get familiar with because of their unique habits and approaches. People behave in various ways in social media. You will find some individuals to be completely different online compared to their behavior in real life. You will also meet others who possess a combination of personalities. Others will spend a few hours each day on sites, like Twitter and Facebook, while others use the site sparingly. What type of social media personality do you have? Here are 8 classifications.

1. Lurkers

Majority of social media users describe themselves as lurkers, or those who observe without needing to participate. They usually frequent their favorite accounts and read posts and updates of others without making any comments or online interaction. 45% of Facebook users describe themselves as lurkers.

2. Deniers

Some people simply cannot live without social media. Many of these individuals spend countless of hours online, but say that they can do without rechecking their posts. They deny being addicted to Facebook or Twitter but immediately find themselves restless if they stay offline for a few hours. 20% of Facebook users immediately feel anxious if they can?t check their profile regularly.

3. Ultras

These individuals differ from deniers because they accept that social media has become a part of their daily routine. 14% of Facebook users log on to the website for an average of 2 hours. They constantly check their feeds and see if there are new interactions with their posts.

4. Dippers

These are the exact opposite of ultras, being able to live without a social media account. However, they do understand the need for social media and will occasionally check for interactions and provide updates.

5. Virgins

Even though there are millions of social media users online, the virgins are the beginners when it comes to social media personalities. They are still getting to know the steps and features of social media sites and developing their techniques in a few popular online platforms.

6. Ranters

These individuals are very loud online, posting remarks and comments about virtually anything they encounter at the office, on the street or at home. They usually seem angry at anything but can also be quiet in person. They find that posting online is a means of relieving stress. personality1

7. Ghosts

These social media personalities are wary of the dangers and risks that are present in the social media experience. They create accounts, but are generally anonymous, avoiding any input that can lead to the revelation of their personal information. They will not post any profile picture or use their real name even when interacting with others online.

8. Peacocks

These social media personalities are the exact opposite of ghosts. They like to call attention to themselves all the time and usually have a lot of friends or followers online. Their posts and uploads garner a lot of interactions and comments. One in ten users on Twitter wish to have more followers than friends. Paris Hilton is well-known to garner thousands of interactions from a single post. Her account @ParisHilton tweeted ?Shopping and running around Beverly Hills getting ready for my trip to Cannes tomorrow. Can't wait! I love the South of France.? and instantly got hundreds of retweets and favorites. personality2 There are also combinations of these social media personalities. Some people will choose to be peacocks at one time and then ghosts depending on their business and lifestyle. There are also others that start out as dippers and then become very active. The objectives of using social media will lead to the development of social media personalities. Some types are needed for certain approaches, like business and marketing. Others are ideal for observing and finding friends on platforms. There is no ideal personality, so it is best to be genuine in your interactions.  

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