How Does A Regular User Benefit From Hashtags?

June 28, 2013
Since thousands of topics are discussed in social media platforms, specific features and tools are needed to make the experience more convenient and relevant among users. Regular users can benefit from hashtags; it's not just for marketers and advertisers. These are words or topics preceded by the ?#? symbol and will directly guide individuals to specific conversations that match their interests. The use of analytical tools will also provide benefits. Check out the examples from the interesting people we found on the Twitterverse below.

1. Gaining more followers

Hashtags can build your reputation online. There are people who gain hundreds or thousands of followers in 24 hours because they successfully created a well-trending hashtag. You can talk about recent issues and specific topics to drive people into the conversation. Manage the conversation properly and build a name for yourself in your chosen industry or field. Talk about activities or things that personally appeal to you or those which you have a lot of knowledge on.

2. Engaging in conversations

There are several social media users looking to exchange ideas and share information about specific topics. You can start using hashtags since these are categorically arranged, giving you the opportunity to talk to people who also share the same interests and or belong in the same field. You can find other experts or teach beginners, which will also increase your chances of gaining new followers. Hashtags are a great way to acquire new information regarding various subjects from different parts of the globe.

3. Exchanging content

You can use hashtags concurrently with other social media tools and features. You can upload links, photos and videos. Share blogs and articles online related to the topic then add 1 to 2 hashtags. People save time and effort looking for the best sources when others share media content or their original creations.

4. Targeting users

Instead of randomly talking to people online, hashtags will only lead relevant users to you and vice-versa. Information can be shared and acquired by individuals who have the same interests. You don?t have to worry about talking to strangers who are uninterested in your activities. You can save time, as well as be encouraged by the fact that you are dealing with online users who value the subject as much as you do. You can immediately expand your network and find the most influential individuals who can further share your posts and help you gain more followers.

5. Social analytics

If you like to determine how well your hashtags trend as soon as you launch, social media analytics tools will provide you with accurate information. You can determine the reach and impressions or interactions made by tweets and hashtags within a 24-hour period. The trend can also be monitored in a span of several days to show you how the hashtag is picked up by online users. You can improve the way you make and maintain these over time. Even if you?re only using Twitter for casual purposes, there are still several advantages that come with social analytics. These can show the people who are most influential in your social media activities and the key individuals that you should value throughout.

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