Why Companies are Spending More On Social Media Advertising

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About 80 percent of internet users today use social media to get information or share media content. Thus, companies are raising their budgets to provide greater support to social media advertising efforts. Marketers and agencies today incorporate social media strategies in a bid to obtain higher sales and more clients. Advertisers also aim to get added enagement from their target audience. In 2012, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn were the biggest performers in terms of social media advertising. Facebook raked in $4.3 billion through its wide range of online services, such as side ads, promoted posts, sponsored stories, sponsored apps and event sponsorships. LinkedIn garnered $972 million via job postings, side ads and title advertising. Twitter came in third and brought in $288 million, offering its key advertising products, namely promoted trends, promoted tweets and promoted accounts. More companies are also spending on social media advertising. 75 percent of advertisers have adapted to the new trend, while 81 percent of agencies incorporated the approach into their own campaigns. Budget allocation for social media techniques have also increased for many groups. About 13 percent now allocate at least 21 percent of their budget to social media ads. 18 percent allocate 11 percent to 20 percent of their budget, while 70 percent allocate 10 percent or lower of their total budget. The focus of the campaigns also differ slightly among agencies and companies. 45 percent of the campaign objective among agencies is brand related, 16 percent aim at direct response, while the rest is a combination of both. Among companies, 31 percent is brand related, 15 percent direct response and 54 percent a mix of both. The top ten social media advertisers in terms of BILLIONS of impressions are AT&T, Inc with 12.9, Microsoft with 4.0, Just Fabulous with 3.9, Disney with 3.7, IAC with 3.6, State Farm with 3.5, Amazon with 3.3, Weight Watchers with 3.2, Universal Technical Institute with 3.0 and Netflix with 3.0. These figures show that social advertising has become an integral part of business campaigns. Knowing the right strategies to increase reach and impression will be effective for long term business stability and maintaining healthy client relationship. Read more about Finding Out If Your Marketing Campaign Worked by studying analytics results.

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