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created on June 12, 2018
Blood Works is a product that can pump simulated blood product through two wound points. The dual pump configuration has 2 independent variable speed flows. It has a self contained 3L capacity and control system which is remotely operated by a key fob. There are two output pipes, which can be connected to wound sites complete with anti-siphon fittings. Blood Works can be worn by live actors, SimBodies, SimMan 3G Trauma, medical trainer mannequins or wearable simulated wound sleeves.
created on February 9, 2018
Mass Casualty Simulation is a Major Training event or Exercise whereby Emergency Responders, law enforcement and Military organisations can work together in a safe controlled environment. Typically these exercises are planned months in advance and require close coordination. Mass Casualties, in the form of hyperealistic high fidelity simulation mannequins are provided to add realism to the training event or exercise. Simulation bodies can be pre-positioned prior to the exercise or training event starting and can work in almost any climate or environment. Sim Bodies can present with any imaginable injury associated with blunt trauma such as gun shot wounds, stabbing, IED burn or blast injuries and traumatic amputation. The airways are anatomically correct which means that they can receive Nasal or Oral Pharyngeal tubes and the Sim Body can be intubated and bagged with realistic feedback. They can be made up to present with massive arterial bleeding with the effect of a radio frequency controlled blood pump.
created on February 9, 2018
Casualty Simulation Effects are the realistic visual representation of wounds and wounding associated with trauma or a traumatic event that causes significant injuries or mass casualties. Either hyperealistic Simulation Bodies, live actors or a combination of both are made up by qualified medically experienced subject matter experts with the use of false blood products, make-up product and skin coloured silicone sleeves that are highly durable and wearable. The casualty simulation effect sleeves can be worn next to skin and can be blended in for realism. Sleeves can represent compound fractures, foreign objects, burns and major trauma. Casualty Simulation Effect sleeves allow clinicians to perform wound packing, dressing and stabilisation of a patient with extensive wounds.
created on February 9, 2018
Battlefield Simulation Effects are Radio Frequency controlled devices that are being used to create atmospheric visual and sound effects on any minor or major training event or exercise. They come in the form of Heavy Weapon Simulators used to provide the visual and sound effect of being fired upon, IED & Sound Box Simulators used for the sound of an explosive device with the background sound effects of mass panicking, fire alarms and sirens going off, Smoke machine Simulators to simulate a smoke filled environment, Rocket Propelled Grenade Simulators. All of these devices when individually used or when combined adds additional depths of realism to any training event or major exercise. All of the Battlefield Simulation Effects are safe to use indoors and are environmentally friendly. They are extremely cost effective to use and a fraction of the cost of using blank ammunition, small explosive charges and live actors, all of which increase the costs of running these training or exercise events.
created on November 18, 2017
CasSim: Stands for Casualty Simulation whereby live actors, SimBodies or High Fidelity Trauma Mannequins (SimMan 3G Trauma) are made up, by professional makeup artists, to present with hyper realistic injuries. Typically called moulages. These simulated injuries range from blast to flash burn, GSW to stab wounds, massive arterial bleeding to open fracture wounds. Medically trained persons, of all abilities, are put under significant pressure and through in a variety of scenarios in controlled and monitored training environments.

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