It's the Web's Birthday! Social Media Celebrates With #Web25

March 14, 2014
How do you celebrate the Web's silver anniversary? With a hashtag, of course! The hashtag #web25 was created to celebrate the internet?s 25th birthday. On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, filed a proposal for an information management system to executives of a Swiss laboratory. The executives responded by saying that the idea was ?vague, but exciting?. Later on, Berners-Lee?s creation would be widely regarded as the World Wide Web and would forever change the way people lived. Although the internet has significantly developed since 1989, Berners-Lee stated that the work is not yet over. There are still several features and guidelines to be added to make the web truly universal and accessible to all people regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. Berners-Lee released a statement on March 12, 2014 and asked questions to emphasize the objectives of the internet in the following years. ?We need a global constitution ? a bill of rights.? he said. The internet-creator enumerated some rights that he intends to protect with the formulation of an internet constitution. Because only one-third of people around the world has internet access, Berners-Lee plans to include universal web access as a human right. He also stressed the importance of free internet accessibility. The second is right to privacy, stressing that users should remain secure in the data that they keep and others may only collect such information for specific purposes guided by established rules. Finally, Berners-Lee cited the importance of open architecture where no government or internet service provider can create distinctions or limit how people access the web. Here's how many tweets the hashtag generated in a span of three days.   Social media users continue to share their internet stories on the hashtag #web25. Others shared photos of their old computers and described how information used to be exchange in the 1990s when email and the internet were unheard of in many places. There are several opinions and responses towards Berners-Lee?s proposed bill of rights.

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