Russell Crowe Tweets Plea To Pope To Watch His New Film

March 3, 2014
Oscar nominated actor Russell Crowe has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter lately, but not from the person whom he seeks it from. The Australian-born star has over 1.3 million Twitter followers and resorted to the social media site to promote his new film ?Noah?. The movie is set to open on March 28, 2014 and Crowe has remained adamant in tweeting the Pope?s account @Pontifex, to ask him to comment about the Bible-based film. Crowe used his Twitter account @russellcrowe, to mention the Holy Father?s account at least five times before the film opened. His initial tweet on February 22, 2014 was ?Dear Holy Father @Pontifex, would you like to see @DarrenAronofsky film #NOAH? I am sure you would find it fascinating.? The Pope has yet to reply to Gladiator star?s pleas, but social media fans have been very busy trying to get the latter?s attention. Many started to fill his Twitter feed with requests for attention or to follow them back. noah0 noah1 noah2 noah3   Crowe seemed agitated by a particular user @GlenninVirginia after she told the actor to stop waiting and grow up. He tweeted back, ?I have blocked you? I did that? no-one else, you are, to me, an obvious point of spite and hate? this is a love village.? Meanwhile, in related news, Christian evangelist and filmmarker Ray Comfort said Crowe's film is hardly a "biblical adventure" and is set to release his own version of the Noah story on the same date on YouTube and DVD. In a statement, Comfort said: "It seems like a 'hail Mary' to the pope. Perhaps he (Crowe), Darren Aronofsky (the director) and Paramount should have listened to their critics, when they had pre-screening a long time ago." He also added: "They have no qualms about sensationalizing the story of Noah in order to make it more profitable. That's their bottom line. But the movie strays so far from the biblical account that it omits its essential message -- God's judgment for man's sin and evil. All they need to do is make a movie about the Bible, have their 'poetic license,' but stay true to the Scriptures -- and we will support your by the millions." The hashtag #Noah has since generated 23,200 tweets and made almost 149 million impressions.   Do you think this is a real plea for the Pope to watch, or is it just a marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments!  

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