Sex Trade Advocates Correct Misconceptions In #NotYourRescueProject

January 7, 2014
Laura Agustin (@LauraAgustin), a writer and researcher, has long been observing and criticizing the long terms of rescue operations centered on women in the sex industry. According to Agustin, many of the people who allegedly want to help do not listen or contemplate the long term effects after the said aid. Many women end up doing nothing or completely losing any opportunity to earn. Laura said that, centuries ago, sex workers were not seen as victims. She continues to fight for the rights of women in sex trade and criticizes individuals who do not fully recognize that the type of job was personally chosen by many, and they were not simply forced to become sex workers. The hashtag #NotYourRescueProject trended well on social media sites like Twitter after other women in the industry showed support. Many shared their thoughts and experiences on how people should open their minds more into believing that they are not victims. Others shared how they developed strong and independent personalities and good character by working in the sex trade. notyourrescueproject2 The hashtag #NotYourRescueProject also included sentiments from sex workers on how they wish others would look at their profession. Many of the women take pride in what they do. They said they belong to one of the oldest industries in the world. It is the community looking in that sees their work as degrading and embarrassing, even though they feel confident about themselves and appreciate earning more than working blue-collar jobs. Others also posted that they are happy with what they do and people should stop being hypocrites by trying to help and removing their autonomy or self-respect in the process. Top related hashtags include #SexWorkIsWork, #SexWorkers, #MyBodyMyChoice and #NoDamsel.

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