Michigan University Lists "Hashtag" and "Selfie" In 2014 Most Annoying Words

January 6, 2014
Lake Superior State University in Michigan recently released its annual list of words that "must be banned." LLSU gathered opinions from its community to create the 39th annual list for 2014. These words were specifically described as annoying for being "overused, abused or useless." Some of the words that were banned in the past year included "YOLO" or you only live once, "double down" and "bucket list." "Selfie" ranked number one in terms of being the most annoying. Ironically, it was also added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2013. ?Twerk,? referring to a sexy dance move, was also included in the list. ?Hashtag? also made it. Other terms that matched words with ?-maggedon? or ?-pocalypse? were also banned. Despite the list, many of these terms continue to proliferate throughout social media such as ?24/7? and ?no-brainer?. The list now includes over 800 words since it started in 1975. Many of these words were made more popular by celebrities and political leaders, such as President Obama talking a self-portrait during Nelson Mandela?s memorial service. Twerking became highly controversial after star Miley Cyrus demonstrated the provocative dance during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Other terms that were reportedly despised by social media users are ?Obamacare?, ?Mr. Mom? and ?Twittersphere?. Mr. Mom refers to fathers who stay home to take care of their children. Fathers say that it can be offensive to them considering the time and effort they spend to make good homes. ?Obamacare? has been associated negatively because of the continued complaints against the health care system offered by the Democratic Party to American citizens. Some of these terms obviously cannot be fazed by "worst" lists and are expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2014, like ?hashtag? -- and for good reason.

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