CEOs Get Direct and Personal On Twitter

More CEOs are realizing the value of a direct social media presence to establish credibility and reach out to more clients.

Hacker Claims To Be Responsible For Facebook Outage In Europe

Facebook's European sites experienced down times recently, with an anonymous hacker claiming it was his handiwork.

Chicago Study Shows How Irresistible Social Media Is

A study by the University of Chicago found that social media use has leveled with (and sometimes surpassed) vices and sex when it comes to getting your attention.

Social Media A Must For Emergencies, Says Canadian Survey

A survey of 1,000 Canadians reveals the social media may be a huge help in emergency situations.

Instagram Trumps Twitter On Usage

Instagram now has Twitter trailing behind when it comes user engagement.

Using Twitter With Facebook

You can cross your posts from Twitter to Facebook in one go.

Kid Actors Face Network Ire Over Social Media Comments

Networks are cracking down on child actors who post too much information on their social media accounts.

Social Media Survey Highlights Facebook's Shortcomings

The 2012 social media survey by ACSI reveals that Facebook may not be so 'liked' after all.

UK Govt's Proposed Snooper Charter A Minefield For Lawsuits

How would you like it if your government had access to your social media activity?

US Agencies Address International Recruitment Through Social Media

International recruitment is a matter seriously considered by US institutions and public agencies.

Twitter's 2012 Mobile Ad Revenue Trumps Facebook

Research firm eMarketer says Facebook might be able to outdo Twitter's mobile ad revenue in 2013, but for 2012, it's still Twitter's ballgame.

#Emergency2012 Trends In India As Users Cry Censorship

In Aug 22, 2012, the hashtags #emergency2012 and #GOIblocks trended as Twitter India users cried foul on the government's alleged censorship action.

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