Social Media 101: Get Discovered On LinkedIn

April 15, 2013
LinkedIn is a social media site that particularly focuses on job search and making business connections. People from various parts of the United States and the world create an account to look for their dream job and find the right profession that matches their skills and interests. Potential employers and companies are also constantly browsing through the different profiles to find promising individuals who can become valuable assets. Here are tips on making your profile attractive to potential employers, even without actively looking for a new job.

1. Brand yourself

The main objective is to make a good impression and stand out from the rest of the hopeful candidates by presenting yourself in the best way. Branding will require featuring your talents and skills, as well as developing a certain style or personality on LinkedIn that will get you recognized by the company where you wish to work. Be specific in describing yourself and your objectives. It is best to correlate your educational background and job experience with the particular company or industry you?re aiming for. Show how you will be an essential part of the target company.

2. Push your brand

The brand you created about yourself must be supplemented by regular updates and activities. Spend time on LinkedIn and look for experts and potential colleagues who belong in the same field. Communicate with these key individuals and share your insights and methods to be regarded as a team player. Also join various online events and groups that are related to your target industry or company. Stay updated with the recent trends and issues then post useful and relevant information to show that you are active. Check your profile now and then and make the needed adjustments in your personal description or photo. The use of hashtags will be very helpful in increasing brand awareness.

3. Push the brand message with a hashtag

Creating a hashtag is a quick and free way to get recognized and invite potential employers. Hashtags will show show that you are updated and informed about recent events and important issues in the industry. Participate in various LinkedIn activities by posting, sharing useful content and answering queries related to your field. Gain more followers and begin discussions in the various groups that you?re a part of. Also share your personal opinion then back these up with well-researched articles, links and posts. You can garner the respect of online users by staying consistent in your brand message.

4. Stay focused

Finding the right job on LinkedIn may take days or weeks depending on your objectives and how you present yourself. Be specific in your goals and continue branding yourself while making the necessary innovations that will show how you will be an indispensable part of a group. Get the latest news and acquire new training and information as needed to keep you in front of the competition. Your profile should be active and visible at all times. Potential employers also like to see how you adjust to change so keep the content and profile fresh and interesting.

5. Have a unique personality

Don?t pretend to be someone you?re not. Online users and potential employers will relate better if they know that you are trustworthy, honest and reliable. The descriptions and content you put on LinkedIn should be real and accurate. It might also help to be casual at times depending on the conversation. This actually is advantageous on your part and gives companies the idea that you are a genuine person.

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