Social Media Manners for Professionals

January 4, 2013
Social media has become one of the biggest and most effective ways to market companies and acquire information. It is important to become quickly familiar with the features and applications so that you can send out the company message and increase brand awareness. At the same time, you also avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls that cause some online marketers to lose their jobs. Social media manners for professionals are important to maintain a good reputation and solid relationships for the long term.

Social Media Etiquette For Pros

1. Establish your identity.

Today, people are encouraged to create a distinct and unique personality that gives the impression that there is a real human being managing and handling the online account on the social media platform. Potential customers and audiences will be more drawn to profiles or accounts that have a real identity and personality, compared to one that seems to be very robotic in nature. This means providing casual posts and images to create balance.

2. Stop deleting posts.

If you mistakenly posted something online, it is recommended that you add a second post or tweet instead to correct the mistake instead of deleting everything. People will find it very controversial if they read something intriguing and then it disappears almost immediately. It is better to provide a clear explanation about the post by adding another one under it and answering possible questions and concerns that stem from the original post.

3. Be original with your photos.

People are encouraged to provide original and unique photos. This way, they do not invade the privacy and confidentiality of other people?s images and information. If you wish to post a photo you found online, it is better to get in touch with the original person who uploaded it and then verify if the photo is real as well as the information that comes with the image. Always acknowledge the source if you?re not posting original content.

4. Remember social media guidelines.

Before, social media networks would post several things that should not be done or those that are restricted. These usually create a negative impression on users. The best way to explain rules and policies is to encourage individuals to use the various social media tools and apps as well as enjoy the company of others online. Advise people on how to use the best approaches for a great time for everyone.

5. Choose the right platform.

There are new social media platforms created each year. Each also focuses on a certain type of media or source of information such as photos, blogs, micro-blogs, etc. People should choose the best platform that matches their own interests and business objectives. This will help them communicate with their target audience better as well as provide information to people as necessary. In the long run, social media sites will establish themselves properly in the market. People will also regard these as rich and unique sources of information. Professionals should be updated with the recent developments in social media to maximize their various benefits. New technologies and apps are released regularly so constant learning is recommended.

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