5 Don?ts of Promoted Tweets and Trends

January 21, 2013
Promoted trends and promoted tweets have proven themselves useful to online users because these help small businesses grow quickly without having to exert too much physical effort and exhaust financial resources. Compared to regular tweets, promoted trends and tweets are paid for but will bring in the needed connections and clients and boost a brand to different levels of popularity and sales volumes. There are, however, a number of things to avoid when using these. Otherwise, your business could generate ire over what should have been a smart marketing investment.

1. You re-tweet too much.

Re-tweets are useful approaches that will further expand the coverage of your original posts as long as these are related to the topic or your online objectives. There are a number of tools that will help improve your online status. TweetDeck, for example, will help you manage your account better so you can reach more relevant audiences. However, you should be careful when incorporating these in promoted tweets all the time since people might only refer to you as a secondary source of information. Focus more on providing original and fresh tweets and only re-tweet when you need to drive an important point home. Otherwise, it's best to just re-create your message in a way that doesn't look like you're too lazy to connect with your target market.

2. Your promo lacks visuals.

When using promoted trends and tweets, be sure to use a combination of helpful write-ups and visual aids that will further explain the offer. Graphics will make your posts more inviting since some online users are more attracted to pictures and color. Posting very thick paragraphs and full articles can also seem dull and boring for many people over time. Remember: people prefer Twitter because the messages are condensed into 140 characters or less. They don't want to read long pieces and want offers that are to the point and concise. Use pictures, videos, graphs and other visual displays to keep your followers interested.

3. You don't have a plan.

You will be spending some money when investing in promoted tweets and trends so be sure to have a well-made plan before you start. Map out your strategies in the next few weeks or months. This can include the frequency of your tweets, the quality and content of the tweets as they move forward and the types of visuals that go with them. Create a calendar or schedule and then time the issues you need to discuss, as well as the products and offerings that will properly go with these. Random posting can be confusing (and annoying) to followers. Proper timing will help bring in more potential clients consistently. A plan will also help you better measure if your marketing efforts had worked.

4. You neglect the the competition.

Other companies will also be investing in promoted tweets and trends so you should be aware of their methods and strategies. This is so you can adequately make the necessary adjustments to keep yourself at the top. Your primary objective is to provide useful and fresh information that will invite online users to keep coming back for more. You can solidify your reputation on Twitter by always being a step ahead of the competition. You can accomplish this by observing their approaches and learning which topics excite your audience the most.

5. You don't mind the feedback.

One of your major goals when using promoted trends and tweets is discovering which topics or methods will work best on your target audience. Read comments, queries and suggestions then adjust the strategies accordingly. Many people waste their time and money by not focusing on what the audience wants. Your target market will directly indicate which issues they wish to cover and might provide you with information on how to improve the tweets through a private message, email or straight reply. When you have received the feedback, respond. Thank the poster for the comments, even when you're criticized. Get into a conversation with the posters. They made the effort to give you a piece of their minds (and that in itself is a valuable indicator that your campaign is working); you should return the favor. Promoted tweets and trends may appear at the top of users' timelines, but your campaign should just end there. Avoiding these usual mistakes will improve the quality and content of your posts and, hopefully, convert views into actual feedback and sales.

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