Soundtracking App Creates A New Musical Experience For Twitter Fans

December 13, 2012
Twitter is becoming more aggressive by offering a number of Twitter card integration features ever since social media photo-sharing network Instagram prevented users from using the option simultaneously. The micro-blogging giant is set to launch Soundtracking (@SoundTracking), a new app that allows Twitter users to expand tweets by attaching Soundtracking media. This enables Twitter fans to share and listen to music and soundtracks together with their friends and contacts. The Twitter card integration on Soundtracking also provides support for Photo and Player features. This allows Twitter users to view images of others on the site, as well as share Soundtrack content and media materials. Through #Soundtracking, online users can share music with other online sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Users then get to follow others on the site depending on their musical interests and preferences. Many online experts describe the Soundtracking as a fusion of Twitter and iTunes. According to the creators, their goal was to build a platform where users can share their music through feeds. News of #soundtracking generated quite a buzz on Twitter recently. In the past, Twitter users can only tweet about these in their feeds; thus, the developers shaped the new platform to make the function more fluid and provide a more interactive playback experience for Soundtracking users and people using other social networking sites. Those using Soundtracking can share and experience music and playbacks in a new way via their iPhone and Android devices. Whenever anyone wishes to share a live performance or song, they can quickly share it with their respective followers finding a ?View Media? button.

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