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Why Are Your Tweet Chats Getting The Cold Shoulder?

So, you’ve started a tweet chat in the hopes of getting people excited and engaged. But, wait, where’s everyone?

Tweet Chats have become very effective and useful tools for companies to quickly gain a good reputation in the industry. These are also widely used by online users to talk about casual topics and hopefully have more followers online.

To ensure the success of your Tweet Chat, you need to know the basic rules and guidelines. Content and consistency are always needed to maintain the momentum in conversations.

Also, learn about the proper ways to bring people in and see how these become more popular over time.

Here are 5 reasons why your tweet chat isn’t getting enough participants.

1. You didn’t follow the rules.

First of all, read the Twitter rules and policies and learn how to start a Tweet Chat the right way. You should also talk to other experts who have hosted successful chats online.

You might not be getting participants because some of your approaches violate the terms and conditions on Twitter. Be aware of the rules and how to pick the right topics that will not jeopardize others online.

2. Your topic is uninteresting.

Search Twitter for existing Tweet Chats that cover the same topics. If there are a number already existing, you might wish to pick another subject or specify your topic thoroughly to make it distinct from the rest.

Be sure to describe the main topic of the conversation. The moderators should also be oriented with the topic so that they can properly maintain the consistency of exchanges.

3. You didn’t prepare.

Take time to think about the right hashtag that will easily let people understand what the discussion is all about.

Limit your keywords to 1 or 2 and be sure that these do not confuse online users. Many individuals suffer the consequences by using keywords that mislead or misrepresent others into following.

Also let your online contacts know that you’re launching a Twitter chat. This will make it easier for you to drive more people in the conversations. Use the proper mediums and tools to draw people. Keep it interesting and keep them informed through email, word of mouth and social media features.

4. You take too long to update.

When launching the Tweet Chat, make sure that you reply to questions and concerns immediately.

Also provide updates regularly and provide open-ended questions that will keep the conversation going.

Regular participants can serve as moderators and can also be helpful in bringing in more relevant people who can share their own ideas and media content to keep things interesting. Ask for feedback then make the necessary responses. When you get suggestions and comments, act on these to host better Tweet Chats every time.

5. Your agenda is flawed, if at all structured.

Determine how you’re going to run and manage the Tweet Chat. Some hosts will allow the conversation to flow and branch out into other topics. The most effective ones, however, are always structured and remain consistent.

This means that you have to guide participants to stay within the limits of the topic. Monitor the conversations and provide questions and related topics that will keep them interested. You can filter the tweets that fall within the proper category of your chosen hashtag.

Try these tips with your next tweet chat and see how they help get you the needed participants who will still be useful in future Tweet Chats.

Remember, to start a successful tweet chat, you have to tweet what you know, or at least get people who know a lot about the subject to get the conversations up and running.

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