The Highs and Lows of Live-Tweeting

August 2, 2013
Live-tweeting is described as a social media activity wherein a Twitter user stays online to provide the details of an ongoing event or activity continuously for several minutes or hours. It is similar to watching TV or listening to the radio to get updates on the development of programs or contests as they happen. There are several advantages that can be derived from live tweeting, although Twitter users should also be careful about what they put online since they have to give the specifics and keep a look out for notable results (or wrong information).

The Highs

1. Getting attention

Social media marketers can immediately grab the attention of other Twitter users by live-tweeting about interesting programs and shows. Social media has become easier to use because it is easily available via mobile devices and smart phones. Individuals who won?t be able to witness a program in person or via TV can easily refer to their mobile devices and get the latest news and updates. Live-tweeting about important events related to the industry will also bring in more users and establish your reputation online. For example, see the live tweet using the hashtag #BeerMe during the airing of Sullivan and Son (@SullivanTBS) on TBS recently. live1

2. Getting more followers

Live-tweeting also encourages more people to follow you on Twitter. If you use a combination of approaches to give them useful and relevant information, they will see you as an expert in the field that they?d like to keep referring back to. Individuals who like to stay updated with recent trends and developments will most likely follow you on Twitter to guarantee that your tweets appear on their streams. Many people have grown their total followers immediately after a live tweet.

3. Increased engagement

The activity also encourages more people to respond and interact with your tweets. Provide specific details like the total points garnered by a player in a football game, fouls committed, the current tally of votes in an election and other big shows. Cite interesting facts about the show that will trigger people to make comparisons or reply. You can use other useful content like photos, videos, hashtags and links to further grab their interest. The hashtag for the TV show #ProjectRunway has a lot of followers. The activity of its very engaged fans online helped the hashtag shoot up to over 3000 tweets at its peak as it was being shown. And this is also happening while the official @ProjectRunway account itself is communicating with followers. live4

The Lows

1. Retraction risks

Since you?re supposed to be giving out information as it occurs, there are dangers that you might make mistakes that you cannot take back or have to fix later on. Numbers and points are usually prone to mistake, as well as time, since these can accumulate or change rather quickly. Some of the information you put on Twitter can be the subject of criticism. live6

2. Missing out on important subjects

Sometimes, live-tweeters fail to cite important facts and data about the ongoing activity that it completely ruins the flow. It is recommended that you focus more on the big issues surrounding the event as well as the most notable facts then break these down accordingly whenever there?s time.

3. Errors

Live-tweeting also tends to cause errors like misspelled words, mistyped facts and grammatically wrong sentences. You are required to provide information within a short period of time and make use of the 140-character limit. Many users tend to squeeze in all the information in the allotted space leading to incomprehensible statements. live5 Overall, live-tweeting is fun, especially if you get to break amazing tidbits about an event. Watch out for the different pros and cons of live-tweeting. Determine the key aspects of the event before you begin then take note of the important people and facts to save time and provide the best output.  

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