Twitter Update Places A Value On Your Tweets

February 19, 2013
Twitter has introduced an update to its platform which will help developers better classify tweet collections. The new metadata for tweets function was revealed by developer Arne Roomann-Kurrik (@kurrik) on the Twitter blog, which aims to provide value ratings to tweets of online users. The tweets will be described as ?none?, ?low?, ?medium? or ?high?. The move was made after developers noticed the significantly increasing status updates on Twitter. The idea is not to impede on what Twitter users wish to post casually, but rather, to guide users and developers so that tweets can be properly arranged depending on the specific online interests and goals of individuals. Apps can be fixed by developers so that they only see tweets that are relevant to their activities. Online users, as a result, will also find better content whenever they search on Twitter. The high value tweets will be preferred over the lower value ones. Twitter users are still debating whether or not the new feature will improve the way they use the micro-blogging site. Some say that getting relevant tweets would help them acquire information faster compared to the traditional random presentations. Others say that the new approach infringes on their privacy. You may view the calendar of changes to the API on the Twitter developer blog. The streaming API used by Twitter will definitely benefit from the valued tweets. There are expected pros and cons to the new metadata. For those who already have huge Twitter following, they can enjoy preferred tweets, while those who are still boosting their reputation will find it more challenging.

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