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#18ThingsIWant Shows What It Takes To Really Trend On Twitter

Indian author Chetan Bhagat promoted his latest book with the hashtag #18ThingsIWant -- and trended.

#47Percent Adds Salt to the #RomneyEncore Wound

Twitter users take to #47percent to bash 2012 Republican party presidentiable Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

#AdmitItMitt, #CantAfford4More Fires Up Presidential Debate

Democratic and Republican party supporters engage in Twitter trash-talk with #AdmititMitt vs #CantAfford4More during the final phase of the 2012 presidential debates.

#AMA2012 Trends On The 40th American Music Awards

Twitter goes abuzz with the 40th American Music Awards.

#AMAs Bring Social Media Alive: Hashtags That Trended

Here are the top hashtags that make their way to trending status during the 2013 American Music Awards.

#AmazingBabyRescueMe: How Evian Used The Hashtag To Its Advantage

See how Evian rode on the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

#ArchDigestGreenRoom Trends on the 85th #Oscars

The #Oscars trends on the 85th Academy Awards, but #ArchDigestGreenRoom also has its share of attention.

#Art4Me Sparks Inspiration Worldwide

A ninth-grade project to test how far #art4me will go sparks renewed appreciation for art around the world.

#BadChildrensBooks Call Attention To Age INappropriate Reading

Are you sure your child is reading the right books?

#BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck Revolts Against Casting Decision

Why don't people want Ben Affleck to play the dark crusader?

#BlackFriday vs #CyberMonday: Which Got The Most Tweets?

Beyond family, Thanksgiving 2013 also means a shopping spree.

#BlameJayCutler Stabs At ESPN, Then Later Turns Funny

When ESPN asks a terrible question, Twitter users start a trend. Why #BlameJayCutler?

#Couplie Sparks A New Trend Because, You Know, It’s Valentine’s Week

Move over single-person photos, these tandems are set to take social media by storm.

#Debate: Obama Finally Fires Back at Romney

In their second face-off, Obama manages to emerge from his lackluster performance in part 1 of the #debates and nicely fires back at Romney on national issues.

#GeneralElection Inspires Japan To Be Political

Being in-the-know on the Japan National Elections on December 16, 2012 is about to go viral with the hashtag #GeneralElection.

#GoldenGlobes And Why It Trended This Week

Who won and who got the most tweet activity?

#GoTFinale, #TheChildren Proves How Engaged Fans Are On Twitter

Even with many characters dead, Twitter became alive on the final episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones' fourth season.

#HairFlag Lady Outshines Obama’s Victory Speech

Netizens were temporarily distracted from re-elected US president Barack Obama's victory speech as a woman in the background with a flag on her hair steals the show.

#Hashtag Is 2012 “Word of the Year”

For the year 2012, the American Dialect Society has given the Twitter-inspired term #HASHTAG the award for being the most memorable word, calling it a "ubiquitous phenomenon in online talk."

#HipHopEd: From a Simple Conversation to a Worldwide Movement

Why #HipHopEd is trending and why you should read it.

#IAdmitThat Reveals Netizens’ Deep Secrets

#IAdmitThat inspires Twitter users to reveal hidden truths about themselves online.

#IdleNoMore Widens Global Call For Equality

#IdleNoMore trends beyond Canada and the US as the aboriginal movement gains strength worldwide.

#IVoted Reflects Americans’ Love For Country

#IVoted began as a hashtag to encourage people to vote prior to November 6 and ended as celebration of victory for re-elected president Barack Obama.

#KaplanExperience Hits 10k Mark, Proves Hashtag’s Engagement Value

Kaplan's hashtag proves how positive marketing creates a positive brand and better engagement.

#Kershaw Trends After A Historic Perfect Pitch on the Dodgers vs Rockies Game

#Kershaw became a trending hashtag in the US today after Clayton Kershaw, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, pitched a perfect game all through the six innings against the Colorado Rockies.

#Lawrencing, #Riccing: Celebrity Inspired Hashtag Trends

Certain celebrity blunders -- and deliberate activities -- are simply worth hashtagging.

#LiveYoungJanuary is an Interactive Push to Banish Turn-of-the-Year Blues

Evian empowers 2014 with a trending hashtag.

#MarchMadness Fires Up Sports

Twitter goes ablaze with the 2013 NCAA season.

#Merdeka55 Records Astounding 3.6 Million Tweets In One Hour

In August 31, 2012, Malaysians may have set a new world record by sending a massive 3.6 million tweets in a span of 60 minutes as citizens celebrated Independence Day.

#MileyAssSmallerThan What? When Bad Behavior Drives A Trend

Yes, controversy and bad girl attitude will make you trend bigtime.

#ModernSeinfeld Prepares To Trend Big Time

The hashtag #ModernSeinfeld is now onTwitter where online users can share their own ideas on how the story would have gone in recent times.

#MTVHottest Draws Astounding Engagement Numbers

MTV UK uses hashtag to promote a show -- and succeeds dramatically.

#MVPDurant Trends As Twitter Celebrates Kevin Durant’s First MVP Award

How does Twitter celebrate a milestone in a basketball star's career? Make his hashtag trend, of course.

#MyJihad Aims To Reshape Perception On Islam

#MyJihad trends in an effort to put a stop to all the misplaced violence and hatred toward the Islamic community.

#NameThingsYouThinkAreTrash is the Latest Trending Game

This week a new trending game has been created. Though not as creative as most popular ones, it helped get through another Monday.

#NationalLipstickDay Celebrates A Must-Have Accessory That Was Once Banned

Social media celebrates the evolution of beauty with #NationalLipstickDay.

#NotBuyingIt Calls Out Sexist NFL Ads

Are the latest Superbowl ads effective? Group (and public) says they're #NotBuyingIt.

#NowIsTheTime To Stop Gun Violence, Says Obama

The White House hopes to reduce gun violence in America by enjoining the public to the #NowIsTheTime campaign.

#ObamaCareinThreeWords Counters Republicans’ 37th Attempt For A Repeal

Democrats vs Republican healthcare issue trends with #ObamacareInThreeWords.

#Ottawapiskat Highlights Political Call To Invite Stronger Action

Canadian artist and #IdleNoMore supporter/activist Aaron Paquette creates #Ottawapiskat to highlight aborigine issues related to the Harper government.

#PaulasBestDishes, the Apology and the Non-renewed Contract

Food Network says 'no more' to Paula Deen on racist comments; #PaulasBestDishes trends

#PSILoveYou, Pawn Stars and an Ambiguous Trend

History Asia promotes #PSILoveYou for its show. Is it working?

#Ravens, #49ers Fans Tweet Before #HarBowl

NFL excitement rules Twitter as the #Ravens face the #49ers at the highly-anticipated brother versus brother #HarBowl.

#RedPanda Search Starts And Ends on Twitter

When the zoo loses an animal, leave it to the Twitterverse to find it -- and fast.

#RejectedIceCream Proves Humor Is Everywhere — And Can Trend — On Twitter

In celebration of its 36th year in the ice cream business, Ben & Jerry's merges social media savvy and humor with #RejectedIceCream.

#RememberingMandela Trends As Twitter Pays Tribute To A Great Leader

Social media "bows" down to one of the greatest leaders this world has ever known.

#RoyalBaby Hashtag Unites The Online World

How to create a hashtag that unifies the Twitterverse? Make it about a would-be king.

#ShakeItOff Proves That Music Promotion is Alive and Well on Twitter

Taylor Swift uses the firepower of social media to bring her latest single (and album) to the world.

#SharkWeek 2013 Presents #Sharkpocalypse

Hashtag once again proves how powerful it can be on social media.

#SkyWire Stunt Generates Over 1 Million Tweets

Nik Wallenda's death defying stunt leaves social media in a frenzy.

#SorryNotSorry: 3 Reasons Why It Will Always Trend

There are trends that go on for a very long time. See why.

#TeamFollowBack Retains Its Trending Status With The Many Other Common Hashtags

At the start of the week, most hashtags are found to be about gaining new followers and friends across social media with hashtags such as #TeamFollowBack.

#TheStruggle Trends As Twitter Gets Sentimental

Hashtag trend shows Twiter is a student's world.

#ThrowbackThursday Stays Strong Through The Years

You can never go wrong with hashtags that tap the human spirit.

#ToughQuestionsFromBarry Mocks Final #Debate Question

Netizens poked fun at the final question on the second presidential #debate with #ToughQuestionsFromBarry.

#Tumuklas Displays Prominently As A Promoted Tweet

Why is #Tumuklas trending on Twitter?

#VSFashionShow Breaks Hotness Record Yet Again

#VSFashionShow trends on Twitter as the breathtakingly stunning event unfolds. Don't you just wish you were there?

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange Is Proof How Huge Twitter Can Explode Over A Celebrity

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange fires up Twitter, proving that, yes, social media is that powerful.

#YAllRemember Trends On Twitter, And It’s Not Even Thursday Yet

A trending hashtag has to appeal to the emotional side of the Twitter universe -- and #YAllRemember has done just that.

10 Helpful Hashtags for Constant Travelers

Here are 10 of the best hashtags to follow if you're looking for travel advice.

2013 Hollywood Blockbusters and Hashtags

As the 2013 summer blockbuster season opens, these hashtags will help keep you in the know.

5 Top Food Hashtags and Why They Work

If you can't eat the food, hashtag it. Here's five of the world's most used.

7 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2014

The opening of 2014 should jumpstart your social media strategy. Here's where -- and how -- you can start.

ABC’s Premiere Week Goes On Tweetapalooza

ABC Television creates a huge Twitter buzz for Premiere Week with Tweetapalooza.

An Early #BlackFriday After Thanksgiving Connected Deals With Protests

The start of this year's biggest shopping season didn't show much difference from the last few. Door-busters weren't the only things found around social media.

Anime Character Hijacks English town Hashtag #RDG

A small town gets a surprise when thousands of Anime fans hijack its hashtag.

Another Happy #Halloween Is In The Books And Still Trending Across Social Media

Well #Halloween is over, but the trend continues across social media as people get anxious for next year already.

Another Throwback Thursday (#TBT) Is In The Books For Social Media

Every Thursday, social media gives everybody a chance to share some memories and favorite moments with #tbt.

Are Hashtags In Commercials Effective?

Integrating hashtags into TV commercials and shows may be good for your brand.

Are You Ready For #BlackFriday?

#BlackFriday jolts US consumers' buying power post-Thanksgiving. Where will YOU be?

Avoiding #BlackFriday Crowds? #CyberMonday It Is!

#CyberMonday may just be the Monday that comes after #BlackFriday but it is also one of the most celebrated shopping events in the US and some parts of the world.

Awesome Hashtags To Follow On Art

The Hashtags Staff gathered some of the most followed art-related hashtags on Twitter right now.

Beyonce Hashtag Fans Share “Short” Stories

When Beyonce cuts her hair, a hashtag trends.

Biden Redeems The Democrats On #VPDebate

#VPDebate heats up as Joe Biden and Paul Ryan each try to defend their parties on part two of three of the 2012 presidential debates.

Books Hashtag Comes Back to Life with More Ideas

After two years, #bookswithalettermissing resurfaces -- and with funny covers to boot.

Boston Commuters Tweet Complaints With #MBTAannoy

Boston train commuters air their grievances on Twitter with #MBTAannoy.

Brace Yourself For Laughs: #ComedyFest is Coming!

Twitter teams with up with ComedyCentral for online laugh fest.

Burger King’s #TBT: The #SubservientChicken Returns for 10-year Anniversary

How Burger King got itself to trend by bringing back it's most loved Internet character.

Can Twitter Predict Who Wins At The Oscars?

The Twitter Oscars Index was launched to help predict how the 2013 Academy Awards would turn out based on user posts and sentiments.

Celebs Use #iVoteBecause To Invite Latinos To Vote

Latino celebrities engage micro-bloggers to vote wisely in the 2012 US national elections in a Twitter party with #IVoteBecause.

Christmas Movies Are Already Abundant, But Can You #XMasAMovie From Another Genre?

In this Twitter game, participants use #XMasAMovie to incorporate the Christmas theme into the title of an ordinary movie.

Church of England Goes A-Tweeting With #ChristmasStartsWithChrist

The Church of England prepares to live tweet sermons in time for the holidays with #ChristmasStartsWithChrist.

Daughter Remembers Dad On Why #OceanLoveEarl

A daughter offers a tribute to her dead with a hashtag.

Democrats Invest In Biden’s #Malarkey Momentum

Joe Biden's favorite VP debate term #malarkey catches buzz on Twitter.

Despite Twitter Backlash, FLOTUS’ #LetsMove Campaign Holds Strong

US First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign continues to trend on Twitter and proves that it is bigger than the tweets of criticism against it.

Do You Want To Create A Promoted Trend? Read These Rules First

There are rules that will help you make a proper Promoted Trend for maximum exposure and generate new loyal customers.

Essential Twitter Hashtags For Authors And Writers

Authors and writers on Twitterverse are using hashtags to easily connect with each other online.

Facebook Facelifts: Social Media Spurs Growing Plastic Surgery Trend

The demand for a hot social media photo has spurred a growing trend for plastic surgery aimed solely at creating attractive online profiles.

FAIL: Hashtag Campaigns That Went Bust

Five companies learn to never take #hashtags for granted (the hard way!).

Fashionistas Share the Most outrageous Outfits on #CFDAAWARDS

#CFDAAWARDS trending on Twitter shows how music and fashion can drive social media.

Festival Invites Creative Storytellers With #TwitterFiction

The hashtag #twitterfiction has been recently created to provide a venue where online users can share fictional stories and entice others to become interested on writing and literature.

Follow Friday (#FF) Continues As A Popular Trend In The New Year

Every Friday, Twitter users reach out to gain more followers (hence #FF Follow Friday). This week's rendition of the hashtag has shown a significant increase in its use.

French Ban “Hashtag”, Others To Protect Language

Academie Francaise bans "hashtag", "supermodel" among others in an attempt to preserve the French language.

Friday Night Featured #TheGameAwards To Celebrate The Highlights Of The Gaming Industry

The reborn annual show, #TheGameAwards, aims to showcase the year's best and next year's brightest in the gaming industry.

Gender Gap in the Gaming Industry Spawns #1ReasonWhy

Despite the narrowing gender divide, females still find the games industry leaning favorably towards males which is why the hashtag #1reasonwhy was created.

Google Glass Invades Social Media With #ThroughGlass

Fans of Google Glass will be happy to know that there's now a hashtag community about it.

GOP Critics Air Out on #GOP2016Slogans

Ahead of the 2016 national elections, haters of the Republican Party start airing out humorous (and not-so-humorous) tweets through #GOP2016Slogans.

Haida Gwaii Earthquake Launches #PrayForVancouver

#PrayForVancouver trends after an earthquake hits Haida Gwaii, an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia in Canada.

Halloween Chuckles Ensue With #MormonHalloweenMovies

Halloween is usually celebrated with scares -- but Twitter users this year took a turn toward humor.

Hashtag Activity Can Confirm Societal Tension

In the digital age, hashtags are a solid way to raise political and societal awareness.

Hashtag Marketing — Without Spending Anything

You can conduct a solid marketing plan online without having to dent your budget.

Hashtag Power: What A Hashtag Can Do For A Brand

How powerful are hashtags?

Hashtagging A Disaster – The Pros And Cons

When talking about a natural disaster or tumultuous event on social media, how should you treat it?

Hashtags and Memes: The Fun (and Funny) Ways They Go Together

Memes offer a whole new way of looking at hashtags -- and how hilarious it can get.

Hashtags To Follow For The 85th #Oscars

Excited for the 85th #Oscars? Here are the hashtags you should follow.

How #WalmartFights Became An Annual Black Friday Tradition

With the post-Black Friday hangover still buzzing days after, let's look at the annual brouhaha characterizing #WalmartFights.

How Engaged Are Katy Perry’s Fans On Twitter?

Katy Perry's PR team turns to Twitter and lets fans decide what the popstar should release next.

How Knowing Tweet Numbers Can Help You

How does knowing how many people tweeted hashtag help your business?

How Many Ways Could You #RuinA90sBand

A Twitter game started by @midnight, people aim to #RuinA90sBand by modifying its name to make it seem less appealing.

How the Church Spreads Its Message Via Social Media

Faith is such a strong force to bring people together -- and for the church, one surefire way to get people involved in a cause is to reach out through social media.

How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter

It's easy to make a #hashtag on Twitter, but it takes extra analysis to create a hashtag that will become a trending topic. Here are some tips to help get yours on the front page.

How to Have Successful Twitter Parties

What are the elements of a successful Twitter party?

How to Maximize Your Twitter Event Hashtag

Once you've chosen the hashtag your event will work with, the next step is to maximize its marketing capabilities.

How To Start A Twitter Hashtag

You can set a worldwide trend by starting your own hashtag.

How Well Are Sponsored Trends Doing? How To Track Them

How is your sponsored trend doing and what are people saying about it?

In Case You Didn’t Realize It, Yesterday Was #Thanksgiving

One of America's most traditional holidays, #Thanksgiving is the perfect day for social media users to express what they are most thankful for.

Is Your Hashtag Reaching The Right People?

You may have a trending hashtag -- but is it reaching your target market?

It May Be Important To Plan Ahead And Choose #MyLastWordsIn5Words

Twitter is getting better at coming up with diverse Twitter games. This week saw plenty of participation in the use of #MyLastWordsIn5Words which was much more developed than most other recent Twitter games.

It’s #ValentinesDay And Social Media Celebrates With Their Loved Ones (Or By Themselves)

The celebration of St. Valentine's appreciation for love has inspired this annual tradition. Now #ValentinesDay is a way for many to celebrate their loved ones.

It’s Another Great Day For #TBT To Start The Weekend

It's Thursday again which means it's time for #TBT. This week showed higher than average usage of the hashtag showing its growth.

It’s Finally #Christmas And People Are Celebrating All Across Social Media

It's #Christmas, and social media is having a huge celebration, allowing people to share their own #Christmas with others with a simple hashtag.

It’s Game Day On Twitter With The Trending #MakeAMoviePG Hashtag Game

It's hashtag game day on Twitter. This week #MakeAMoviePG reaches one of the top trends of the night giving Tweeters a chance to show their creative side.

Jimmy Fallon, Ford Crowdsources Super Bowl Ad Script On Twitter

Fallon will be crowd-sourcing on Twitter so online participants have a chance to help create the script of the new Lincoln MKC advertisement.

Keeping In the Valentine’s Day Spirit, Twitter Plays #WhatIsLoveIn4Words

Just before Valentine's Day, social media sees #WhatIsLoveIn4Words appear which allows people to share their idea of what true love would look like.

Leaked Video Starts #RomneyEncore Trend By Angry Netizens

#RomneyEncore trends as 47% (or more) of Americans expressed disdain over Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

Microsoft Fail! #DroidRage Proves Mudslinging Doesn’t Pay

Microsoft's #DroidRage hashtag backfires as Twitter users post why they don't want the software.

Microsoft Joins the Social Media Bandwagon With Socl

Microsoft is poised to soar with its own social media website – Socl.

Moms, Sisters, Best Friends, Ladies And Gentlemen Share Their #WCW

This Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw), people show off their significant friends, family members, and inspirational celebrities to the world.

Netizens Pay Tribute To Halloween By #ScaringStrangers

To celebrate Halloween 2013, social media users invite others to watch Ricky Dillon (@RickyPDillon) dressed up in a silly yellow chicken costume scaring people away on the street.

Netizens Reminisce As #IllNeverForget Trends

Twitter turns into memory lane as users backtrack with #IllNeverForget.

NFL Fans Pay Tribute To Retiring Star With Tandem Hashtag

McNabb fans unite online to bid goodbye to retiring NFL star.

Nintendo Gamer Wants Same-sex Options and Uses #MiiQuality To Push It

Avid Nintendo gamer pushes for gender quality on games through #MiiQuality hashtag.

Obama Hits Romney With #HorsesAndBayonets

Obama gets his turn at putting Romney on the spot as #HorsesandBayonets trends following the third and final presidential #debate.

Obama Urges Fiscal Involvement With #My2K

US President Obama urges Twitter users to take part in the Congress' deliberation on the fiscal cliff through #My2K.

On #TransformationTuesday, Change Trends Online

Tuesday is the time people see how far they've gone and changed.

On Sharks, TV and the Perfect Storm

What happens when you merge sharks and tornadoes? A trending hashtag!

Photos, Videos Trump Text Updates In Social Networks

A photo truly carries a thousand words; and in the case of the social media network user, worth more likes than text.

Police Keep Social Media Busy On 2nd Global Tweet-A-Thon

The hashtag #PolTwt was created for police forces from different parts of the world to discuss the special event.

Romney Camp Tries To Correct The 47% Blunder With #Missing2Mins

The #missing2mins hashtag hopes to correct the damage #romneyencore has wreaked online.

Romney Ignites #BindersFullofWomen And Other Memes

Romney's reply on gender equality at the workplace gets taken out of context and gives birth to a wave of memes and satirical social media accounts.

Rules, Practices and Behaviors When Promoting on Twitter

Promoting on Twitter is not just about creating a catchy hashtag and tweeting incessantly. There are rules to follow.

Sex Trade Advocates Correct Misconceptions In #NotYourRescueProject

"We're no damsels in distress!" say supporters of #NotYourRescueProject.

Sochi Hashtags You Shouldn’t Miss

The wave of hashtags created in celebration (criticism) of the 2014 Winter Olympics is not really surprising, at all.

Social Media Comes Up With Plenty Of Ways To #RuinAWeddingIn5Words

Weddings are typically a time for celebrating a couple's love. This can also be a very good time to #RuinAWeddingIn5Words, thanks to ideas among social media.

Social Media Stands Behind The Victims Of A Tragedy With #PrayForSydney

After a hostage situation erupted in Sydney, social media developed the #PrayForSydney hashtag to unite people in prayer over the individuals in the situation.

Social Media Users Respond to Existing Dangers Towards Women with #YesAllWomen

Why #YesAllWomen is trending -- and why it matters that it is.

Social Media Uses Hashtag Against Disability Discrimination

The hashtag #heardwhilstdisabled seeks to put a stop to thoughtless comments.

Starbucks’ #SpreadTheCheer Spreads Ire Instead

#SpreadTheCheer didn't go so well for Starbucks as the public took the opportunity to berate the company on tax and labor issues.

Sundays Are A Good Time To Relax And Celebrate #ShortGirlAppreciationDay

December 21st - the shortest day of the year, social media decides to also name it #ShortGirlAppreciationDay. Light humor gives a distraction from other events.

Super Bowl Hashtags Start Trending On Twitter

It's football season once again -- on the field and online.

Super Bowl Season is Also Hashtag Season! See Who’s at the Top

This year, hashtag advertising on TV went up further as the Super Bowl draws much larger crowds.

Super Bowl XLVII Shakes Twitter Weekend

Super Bowl XLVIII promises to be action packed, not just on the field but on social media. Are you a Ravens or a 49ers fan?

The Associated Press Dips Into Online Advertising

International news wire takes its first foray into Twitter advertising with a Samsung sponsored tweet.

The Hottest Hashtags In The Last 24 Hours

Here are the top trending hashtags in the past 24 hours -- and why they reached worldwide status.

The Mysterious #AlexFromTarget Has Become A Social Media Celebrity

A simple Tweet drove social media and the entire internet into a frenzy. There’s no doubt you’ve already seen the #AlexFromTarget hashtag in the last few hours...

The Northeast Braces For The #BlizzardOf2015 As They Share The News Across Social Media

Almost every winter the Northeastern United States receives substantial amounts of snowfall. News of the #BlizzardOf2015 spread across social media.

The Pope Hashtags: Vatican Invites the World Cup to #PauseForPeace

The Vatican called for a truce in the wars happening around the world via #PauseForPeace. And there's no better venue to spread the message than the globally watched 2014 World Cup Finals.

The Season Of Giving Causes The Constant Trend Of #Giveaway To Spike

The Season of Giving has brought the always-trending hashtag #Giveaway to spike higher than usual.

There Are Plenty Of Ways To #RedNeckABook To Give It That Southern Kick

Modifying book titles has become a pretty popular idea for hashtag games. #RedNeckABook is another good example of the fun ideas social media has for these games.

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) Takes Over Social Media Users’ Timelines With History

History is never-ending, and neither is the trend of #tbt. With such an interesting world, social media has plenty of memories to share with friends and followers.

Top TV Hashtags For February 2013

There are several TV shows to watch out for in February, with some of them having really high social media engagement.

Top Twitter Hashtags For The Educational Sector

Twitter has served as a primary source of immediate news for many industries and has certainly served as a viable information disseminator for the field of education. Here are the top education-related hashtags.

Trending For Fame’s Sake?

Why do some think trending is the be-all, end-all in social media?

Twas #ChristmasEve, Not A Creature Was Stirring…Except For All Of Social Media

With Christmas upon us, those celebrating share their special moments from this important holiday with social media.

Twitter 101: Understanding Trends and Promoted Tweets

Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets allow marketers to build a more solid brand strategy that reaches the most number of target audiences.

Twitter Conundrum: Who Died – Thatcher, Hatcher or Cher?

Wrongly written hashtag creates confusion online.

Twitter Fans Attack NSA With Funny Hashtag

#NSAPickUpLines injects humor into NSA security issue.

Twitter Fans See the Soft Side of Artists in #MakeARapperSoft

How would the toughest rappers look with some minor adjustments? Twitter goes on a frenzy with #MakeARapperSoft

Twitter Finds Humor In Congressional Gridlock With #StarWarsFiscalCliff

Twitter users find a better way to help other understand the US fiscal cliff by using #StarWarsFiscalCliff.

Twitter Marketing 101: What Does It Take For A Hashtag To Trend?

While some Twitter users are very successful at making well-trending hashtags, this doesn't mean you cannot do the same for your own campaign. Here's how you can make it happen.

Twitter Trending Topic: The Internet Wonders Why #HillaryIsSoPoor

Social media sites went wild after Hillary Clinton, wife of former democratic U.S. President Bill Clinton shared that they went broke after leaving the White House.

UK Independence Party Hashtag Hijacked Before Elections

#WhyImVotingUkip would have made a great venue for political discourse--until things turned sour.

Unfortunately Not Every Day Is #NationalPizzaDay, Fortunately It Was Easy To Celebrate

From Chicago deep dishes to New York brick ovens, there are too many styles of pizza to not celebrate #NationalPizzaDay with social media.

Unofficial Holiday #GivingTuesday Inspires Philanthropy

To usher in the start of the Christmas season, netizens have gone on to boost the spirit of philanthropy with #GivingTuesday.

US Ad Agency Celebrates 90 Years With #AdvertisingIs

  by  George Rex  Young & Rubicam (@YoungRubicam), one of the oldest running businesses in the United States, is turning 90 years old on May 25, 2013. To celebrate its longevity in the industry, it has created the hashtag #advertisingis, inviting social…

US Presidential Candidate Buys Twitter Hashtag For Campaign

2012 US presidential candidate Mitt Romney pioneers as the first to buy a Twitter hashtag for a campaign.

Useful Hashtags For The Business Minded

Twitter is a great way to expand and promote your business.

Want A High-Paying Job? Use Your Online Network

Nowadays, job hunting is also largely about WHO you know, at least online.

Watch Beyonce’s Jawdropping #SuperBowl Performance

Superstar Beyonce proves she's the real star of the SuperBowl with a heart-stopping performance -- and much awaited reunion!

What Are Your Best #BadSpeedDatingOpeners?

It's hump day. Twitter turns to what it knows best to get through the hardest part of the week-Trending Twitter Games.

What Does It Take for a Hashtag to Trend?

A successful hashtag has one ultimate definition -- it reached trending status.

What Happens When George RR Martin Joins Twitter

George RR Martin, creator of the epic TV series Game of Thrones, has gone back on his word not to join the latest thing that comes along by joining social media site Twitter.

What It Means When a Hashtag is Trending

So a hashtag is trending worldwide; what does it mean? We discuss why a hashtag trends and what it means for you or your business.

What NEVER to Do with Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful and effective -- if you know how to use them. Here are the top things you should NEVER do if you want to be taken seriously online.

What Won’t Change About the #iPhone – It’s Trending Popularity

What makes the iPhone such a popular trend within social media? A brief look at why that won't change anytime soon.

What’s The Trend? Hashtags That Trended Today

Here are the top trending hashtags in the last 24 hours.

When Good Hashtags Go Bad

To understand the kinds of hashtags that do work, check out these hashtags that flopped.

When It Comes To Celebrating Christmas, #Chicago Shows Other Cities How It’s Done

With Christmas practically upon it, the city of #Chicago starts trending thanks to the hundreds of events going on to celebrate with the millions of citizens.

When You Make Incorrect Reports, Hashtags Like #TweetLikeABC Happen

Be careful what you tweet, especially if you're in the public eye.

Who Are The ‘Millenials’ And Why Pay Attention To This Market?

"Millenials" are an indispensable part of your social media strategy. Here's why.

Why #WordsThatOffendLiberals Is Trending

The long battle between conservatives and liberals reached another high by trending well on Twitter recently with the hashtag #WordsThatOffendLiberals.

Why Everyone Around The World Knows What A #Selfie Is

The hashtag #selfie has been trending steadily for several months -- and for very good reasons. A "selfie" refers to a photo of yourself usually taken with a mobile device or smart phone then posting it immediately on a social media platform.

Why Hashtags Like #LeBroning and #ElderlyNBA are Trending

The latest swipe at the NBA forward was through the hashtag #LeBroning, where social media users started sharing photos of themselves being carried by family or friends.

Why Your Hashtag Will Never Work

Hashtags are powerful business tools. Here's how to make sure they work.

With The Christmas Season Upon Us, Pick Your #XmasListIn3Words

With the Christmas Season already here, Twitter whips up a fun game to get the celebration started using the hashtag #XmasListIn3Words.

Would You? The Tweet-Sourced Beer. Yes, Beer.

Introducing, the first official tweet-sourced drink. Here's why you should try it.

Yesterday Was #NationalCookieDay – What Kind Did You Celebrate With?

There are always some fun "National" days, but who would want to miss out on #NationalCookieDay? Social media shows off recipes, displays, and cookie stories.

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

For your industry, keyword, event, business, product, service, conference, or blog.

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