#FreeSimmons From Suspension

September 25, 2014
Many people, at this point, know about the Ray Rice incident. If it is still a little rusty in your mind, here is a complete timeline that is super simple to understand. Basically, however, Ray Rice was involved in a domestic violence incident. The first video that was released showed Ray Rice dragging his fiancee (now his wife) out of an elevator because she was unconscious. After that video was released, he was in some legal situations for a while. Finally, on July 24, he was suspended for two games, and had a $58,000 fine for the video. NFL denies ever seeing any other video at this moment. Later, another video was released in which Rice really punches his fiancee and knocks her out. The video is pretty graphic, so watching is really not recommended, but linked in case curiosity comes out. The NFL still denies seeing this before it was released, and Ray Rice is currently still suspended indefinitely at this point. All of this is background story to the one story that is trending today: Bill Simmons. Simmons spoke on a podcast owned by ESPN that he thinks the commissioner was lying about never having seen the video before it was released. Of course, he talked about it a lot more, but that is the basic gist of his podcast. In return, he was suspended because he did not meet the standards he was supposed to in ESPN. freesimmonsanalysis freesimmonsanalysis2 The people of Twitter are really behind Bill Simmons. Not many people are opposing him, and many are outraged that he was suspended at all. And with that comes the hashtag #FreeSimmons. freesimmonstweet2 freesimmonstweetsThe people of Twitter are having trouble believing that a worker can not speak their opinion, and gets suspended for saying what he believes. Some are saying that ESPN is shooting itself in the foot, and others are calling for a boycott of Monday Night Football. People are genuinely outraged because, they claim, he literally spoke what the rest of America was thinking. But, Bill Simmons is not the only one getting suspended. Steven Smith was also suspended because he stated that it might be something that the wife did which provoked Ray Rice. Either way, many people who state opinions on this subject are being suspended, probably because it is such a touchy topic that it is hard to talk about without offending some group of people. Feature image:?By ESPN, Inc. (theguardian.com) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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