In the Game of the Year, #NDvsFSU Becomes the Game of Social Media

October 20, 2014
The college football?season is only halfway through and it has already seen plenty of huge moments unfold in front of millions of viewers. This weekend, we?saw #NDvsFSU?as another one of this intense games?added to that list.?Social media went rampant about the matchup between Notre Dame (ND)?and Florida State University (FSU) which reached Tweet rates in the tens-of-thousands in only about an hour into the first quarter. In the graph we can see that the end of the game was probably the biggest cause of this trend as it was the tipping point of the game. graphLiterally over 25,000 Tweets hit the internet with the hashtag in a matter of minutes. The game started around 7pm Central Standard Time (CST)?and ended right near 10pm CST. The game's ending is highly controversial and should be brought back into focus in the very near future. The trend would most likely have been much higher if not for the many related Tweets seen alongside the #NDvsFSU hashtag which showed individual favoritism or slogans that represented the school. Either way, the whole game was a huge trend for that fateful night.?As seen below, there were mostly FSU and ND related hashtags alongside the #NDvsFSU hashtag. chart Despite the game being over, social media was not done with the trend. For the rest of the weekend, Tweeters ranted on about the controversial decisions during the final touchdown by Notre Dame. t 1 4 3 2 There aren't too many Tweets left about the game itself, but instead they all point at the heated ending. Nobody is sure what happened and nobody is getting a clear answer. This will most likely keep this #NDvsFSU hashtag alive for quite some time and may even bring it back to life a few seasons from now. Fortunately for both teams, there is still plenty of time left in the season for things to change.   Featured graphic from Flickr.com Creative Commons 2.0.

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