#MarchMadness Fires Up Sports

March 21, 2013
MarchMadness2Basketball fans will be very pleased to know that Twitter is a haven for sport-related hashtags and user accounts run by the star athletes themselves. Twitter reports that there are over 400 basketball players on the website, coming from various basketball leagues and professional associations. And if you think only the NBA players get a lot of attention, wait 'til you see how many are following accounts of NCAA stars. Hashtags are created to help individuals follow their favorite team and know about the lives of their idols in and out of the court. The hashtag #MarchMadness was specifically created to help individuals find and follow their respective teams. #MarchMadness allows you to experience NCAA basketball in a very unique way. Joining the conversations with other followers, or sometimes the players themselves, will provide you with unique and fresh information about the games. The different conferences also let you follow the team as well as talk to others about your own views regarding player lineups, exciting plays and statistics. Here's giving you an idea how hot #MarchMadness has been in the past days and what people are saying about it. Screw sports sites -- Twitter is where the latest news are at.



Huffington Post also gives us a very comprehensive list of hashtags you should follow during this sizzling season.

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