Watching The Super Bowl For Ads? Study Says It's Normal

February 5, 2013
What is the fuss over an advertising spot during the #SuperBowl? 45 percent of Americans are admitting that their interest in a brand goes up when they see it on Super Bowl, a recent social study by RadiumOne reveals. In fact, 24 percent of the respondents said that they watch the game mainly for the interesting commercials, with some 13 percent even going as far as saying that the halftime shows are more interesting than the game itself. The 45 percent post about the game while it is on at their respective social networking sites -- 33 percent of these posts are about the commercials, while 20 percent hashtagged about the ads they saw depending on how they felt about them. Respondents of the survey said the most memorable spots were those of Volkswagen, Kia and Hyundai. Let's see.

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