#BlameJayCutler Stabs At ESPN, Then Later Turns Funny

January 11, 2013
The hashtag #BlameJayCutler trended recently after Twitter users took to the microblogging platform to either call the statement silly or ride the bandwagon in various stabs at humor. #BlameJayCutler came out after ESPN asked: "How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG3's injury?" The question refers to the recent loss of the Washington Redksins to the Seattle Seahawks on the NFL playoffs, where Redksins star quarterback Russell Griffin III suffered an injury to his already weakened knee. Jay Cutler is the quarterback for the Chicago Bears. @AwfulAnnouncing called the question "vapid" and rightly so -- the question was certainly ridiculous and had no relation whatsoever to RG3's recent injury. blame2 But, trend, it did. Here's the activity on the hashtag and some of what people had to say about it (related or not-related to sports).  

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