NCAA Bans Hashtags on the Field

May 4, 2013
The NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association has banned hashtags and social media URLs from being presented or showcased in any manner on the football field. Before, universities and colleges featured their online presence in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by painting hashtags on football fields. It used to be a very effective way to heighten school spirits as well as bring in more fans to discuss anything related to their favorite team and sports. The prohibitions by the NCAA may be related to safety issues and to maintain the decency and sportsmanship among both athletes and fans. The NCAA is responsible for creating rules and guidelines on college sports and recently announced that advertising on the field is no longer allowed. The NCAA also indicated the only things that are allowed to be placed on football fields. The prohibitions are as follows: ?All other items, including social media designations such as URL?s and hashtags, are prohibited.? The areas of the field prohibited from having any kind of advertisement include the sidelines and end zones. Colleges and universities may only display the NCAA logo, the team name and logo, the college or university name and logo and the conference logo. The commercial entity?s name who bought naming rights to the facility is allowed but in no more than two locations. The commercial logo is prohibited. As for postseason games, only the name or commercial logo of the title sponsor linked with the name of the postseason game may be featured. Up to three advertisements are allowed. The specific locations were also indicted by the NCAA. During postseason games, advertisements are only allowed if centered on the 50-yard line and up to two smaller advertisements at the sides. The lines on the field should be clearly visible to officials. No field markings are allowed which touch the hash marks or obscure any part of the yard line or goal line. Pylons may feature the logo or trademark of the manufacturer. The markings should not exceed 3 inches on any side. Conference logos and institutional logos of the title sponsor of postseason games are allowed.

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