It Looks Like Social Media Sees The Dress As #WhiteAndGold

February 27, 2015
If you have plenty of spare time, you would notice that social media was caught up in a ridiculous argument last night. Was the dress #BlackAndBlue or was it really #WhiteAndGold? Or, could you part of the #WhoCares group? Whatever? you were doing last night, social media was busy debating this important issue. Regardless of how it started, it caught on and spread around. Some claimed it was just a test to see if you are colorblind. Others had a theory about the lighting and the positioning of the dress in the photo. One thing came out clear: #WhiteAndGold was how most people saw it, at least according to the popularity of the hashtag.
Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
The trend only grew, even as people pointed out the environmental factors such as the lighting and quality of the photo and dress. Many speculated different ideas, but it didn't seem there would be any clear answer. Social media basically became divided by how individuals saw the colors.
Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics Courtesy of Hashtag Analytics
While there were other hashtags thrown into the bunch, the ones that stuck out were mostly in regards to colors. Either you were on #TeamBlueAndBlack or you saw it as #WhiteAndGold and were "wrong" either way. Of course, people who had their doubts tried to figure it out with different hypotheses and theories while others modified the photo to make it look the way they wanted to see. Either way, both sides seemed to claim the other was wrong and used "science" to "prove" it. t1 t2 t3 t4,5 t6,7,8The rest of the night was about who was right and who was wrong. Whether or not this was a relevant question, it somehow got social media talking. The only one who knows for sure is the photographer. A good laugh and some insanity certainly ensued thanks to this one picture. Still, #WhiteAndGold appears to be the most dominant hashtag whether or not it's right.

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