Romney Vs PBS and Big Bird Spreads Online

Mitt Romney attacks PBS' budget using Big Bird.

What Stars Tweeted About The #Debates

Celebrities tweet about their sentiments (and criticisms) on the first of three presidential debates for the November 6, 2012 elections.

Obama, Romney Tackle Sensitive Issues In #Debates

<a href="/analytics/debates">#Debates</a> trends on Twitter on Part 1 of 3 of the US Presidential Debate.

Romney Camp Tries To Correct The 47% Blunder With #Missing2Mins

The #missing2mins hashtag hopes to correct the damage #romneyencore has wreaked online.

#47Percent Adds Salt to the #RomneyEncore Wound

Twitter users take to #47percent to bash 2012 Republican party presidentiable Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

Leaked Video Starts #RomneyEncore Trend By Angry Netizens

<a href="/analytics/romneyencore">#RomneyEncore</a> trends as 47% (or more) of Americans expressed disdain over Mitt Romney's statements in a leaked video.

Biden's Speech #Literally Trends On Twitter

US vice president Joe Biden shows how to <a href="/analytics/literally/">#literally</a> mix politics and micro-blogging trends.

Clint Eastwood's Empty Chair Causes A Stir On Twitter

The first day of the Democratic National Convention on September 4, 2012 faced a huge stir on the Twitterverse as thousands of pro-Republican microbloggers joined in on the viral campaign featuring Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood talking to an <a href="/analytics/emptychair">#emptychair</a>.

Americans For Prosperity Launch Hashtag To Bash Obama Campaign

US advocate group purchases #failingagenda hashtag to increase awareness on the incumbent president's "failing agenda."

Social Media Battle Between #DNC2012 and #GOP2012 Heats Up

With millions of eyes scanning social media platforms every minute, it is no wonder that politics, for all its seriousness and rhetoric, has agreed to cut messages to under 140 characters just to tap this vast mobile market.

DNC Speeches Outpace Republicans On Twitter

Speeches by Democrats appear to have more activity on Twitter than the Republicans in the 2012 conventions.

Hashtag For Politics, Anyone?

2012 US presidential candidate Mitt Romney pioneers as the first to buy a Twitter hashtag for a campaign.

US 2012 Election Conventions And Tweeting: Do They Mesh Well?

The 2012 US national elections is taking its bid to a wider and more passionate audience -- Twitter!

Twindex Launch Inspires Twitter Users To Speak Up On Obama, Romney

Twitter launched the Twitter Political Index, Twindex for short, to create a measure of the micro-blogging community's sentiments on the 2012 US presidential election, specifially on presidential seat aspirants Pres. Barack Obama and Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney.

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