The #FergusonDecision Leaves Social Media In An Uproar

The final #FergusonDecision by the grand jury may have sparked riots in Ferguson, but also across social media.

The News On Jonathan #Gruber Has Social Media In An Uproar

After a recent reveal of a video proving Jonathan #Gruber's lies to pass the new healthcare law, social media is in shock at how the voters were treated.

Latest Twitter Game: #NameObamaISISOperation

Occasionally, Twitter likes to have fun with current events. The latest game? Naming President Obama's ISIS Operation.

Congress Member Launches Social Media App for Legislation Supporters

Social media app gives regular citizens a voice in legislative processes.

Twitter Faces $50M Lawsuit Over Controversial Hashtag

Twitter is facing a $50M lawsuit after refusing to reveal the identities of the users who used an anti-semitic hashtag on its platform.

#NoBudgetNoPay Withholds Senators? Pay For Delay

Congress has proposed a bill which punishes members who fail to meet deadlines.

False Twitter Accusations Face Legal Backlash

Twitter users must understand the potential damage and legal implications a single tweet with unfounded information can cause.

NYPD Looks For Young Potential Criminals on the Internet

New York police try to get ahead of local young criminals by tracking their social media activities.

Twitter User #JarvisBritton Threatens #Obama, Faces Indictment

Jarvis Britton's Twitter comments against Obama may be "harmless" but they were grave enough to land him audience with a federal grand jury.

UK Govt's Proposed Snooper Charter A Minefield For Lawsuits

How would you like it if your government had access to your social media activity?

#Emergency2012 Trends In India As Users Cry Censorship

In Aug 22, 2012, the hashtags #emergency2012 and #GOIblocks trended as Twitter India users cried foul on the government's alleged censorship action.

Governments Use Twitter To Track The Unscrupulous

National governments see potential in Twitter to help stop shady cross-border financial deals.

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