10 Must-Click Hashtags for Environmentalists

January 24, 2013
As the world gets more active on social media networks, environmental activists now frequently go online to get the latest updates as well as discuss matters that need attention. Social media becomes an avenue where they can talk about the recent events, as well as make others aware of the pending dangers and most viable solutions. Here are some of the most powerful hashtags on the environment and the usual types of tweets associated with them.

1. #Recycle

The hashtag provides tips for online users on how they can make the most useful things out of old items. Everyone is invited to know more about the benefits of recycling. User @tonerdiva recently shared, ?A dusty, old fish tank can be cleaned and shined to be converted into an herb garden.? @Earth911 tweeted, ?10 items in your closet ou may not have thought to #recycle.? @GreenTimesUK tweeted, ?Help turn waste into woodland.?

2. #EcoMonday

The tweetchat is held every Monday and is a great place where environmental activists can share green information to beginners and other advanced users. @DianeN56 recently tweeted, ?A 10-year-old can inspire the world.? @AdvancedControl tweeted, ?Charting the future of international renewable energy policies.? @ToyotaEquipment shared, ?Behind China?s Roaring Solar Industry.?

3. #Cleantech

The hashtag is a great place where companies share the latest news and development regarding green energy and approaches. @CellaEnergy posted, ?New report: great news for our longer lasting battery technology.? @NAWindpower posted, ?University makes headway on wind turbine drivetrain testing facility.? @GreenGuideUK tweeted, ?EU auditors criticize energy efficiency projects.?

4. #Biodiesel

Online users can discuss alternate fuel sources and the latest scientific findings on green sources of energy. @6esm posted, ?Biodiesel to ease high palm oil stock.? @MoreBForMe tweeted, ?Biodiesel production and use benefits farmers everywhere.? @Jemandus tweeted, ?Biodiesel makers cheer lifting of Spain?s export restriction.?

5. #Green

You can get general green approaches and tips to apply on a daily basis. @easygreenstore shared, ?Keep warm this winter with Energy Saving Blinds.? @Dwell posted, ?What it?s like to live entirely off the grid in the desert.? @sustaincities tweeted, ?Construction Sites Convert to Public Space with Softwalks.?

6. #Environment

Get specific news and updates regarding green activities and methods from all over the world. @sustainableprof posted, ?Cemex Launches Water Methodology.? @ClarenceHouse shared, ?The Prince of Wales speaks about nature.?

7. #Organic

The hashtag provides info for people to understand the benefits of going organic more. @OrganicLiveFood recently posted, ?Why do over a million Americans get cancer? Why organic diet matters & how it can significantly effect ur immune system.? @DougMcNish tweeted, ?Don?t look at organic food as expensive but rather an investment in your health.? @Organic_Portal, ?5 reasons we should continue to eat organic produce.?

8. #Solar

People talk about the benefits of alternate energy, particularly solar methods. @SpotHunter shared, ?New York expands solar initiative, creates ?green bank?. @smashinghub posted, ?10 Best Portable Solar Laptop Chargers.? @FinancialReview tweeted, ?China plans to more than double solar capacity.?

9. #Ecofriendly

The topic is frequented by individuals to discuss ways to protect the environment. @EcoLoversDating recently tweeted, ?Which offers best long term solution: industrial farming or eco-friendly agriculture?? @AptTherapy shared, ?DIY or Buy: Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaners.? @Ways2GoGreen tweeted, ?Eco-Friendly Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture.?

10. #Wildlife

Animal lovers will discuss ways to protect creatures in different parts of the world. @EIAinvestigator shared, ?Duke of Edinburgh hosts talks on wildlife threat from trad Chinese medicine ? should help raise issue profile.? @africageo shared, ?Leopard in suburbia, spotted just outside Cape Town.? @themoceanvibe tweeted, It?s not an activist movie but it will show how people live in harmony with ocean wildlife.? Do you of any other green hashtags that should be part of this list? Tell us in the comments!

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