5 Steps to Making a Powerful, Trending Hashtag

August 26, 2013
The rise of hashtags has caused several online users, particularly business owners and marketers, to invest heavily in these. There are, however, a few rules to remember if you truly wish to make an impact to the target audience. Incorporating the right elements as well as monitoring the results will provide you with all the details that will keep your campaigns better each time.

1. Clear hashtags

Begin by thinking of a short and clear hashtag of not more than 3 words. Define the event or topic clearly by using words that are easy to read and understand. Use proper capitalization, numbers and descriptive terms that will let people know what it is about just by looking at the title. Avoid using too many words or too many hashtags pertaining to the same topic. Look up some of the existing hashtags about the topic too.

2. Invite people

Begin inviting people to join the hashtag or participate weeks in advance. You can contact them personally by sending direct messages or tweeting about the hashtag. When tweeting hashtags, you can increase engagement by tagging people or posting links and pictures. These will add to the interactive approach and bring in more users to join. hashtaga

3. Post relevant content

Hashtags should always include useful and fresh information that people keep referring back to. People are more likely to respond and engage if you provide content that is well-researched and different from what others have posted online. Consider taking a particular point of view or focus on a specific aspect of a huge issue to bring in relevant users.

4. Study the results

After each hashtag campaign, use analytics tools or other assessment apps that will indicate how well the hashtag trended within a given day or week. You can use some programs that will show you the actual tweets and responses of online users. Determine how people respond to particular tweets and updates. Also look for key individuals who have a large following then use them strategically to widen your network. Let's look at #MyNSAQuestion. Here we find that since it started August 25 it has so far generated over 450? tweets, peaking at August 26 with 59 tweets.

5. Find key users

The most relevant individuals are those who actually participate in your campaign and online contests. Thank and acknowledge these important individuals and provide them rewards whenever available. You should also participate in their online activities to return the favor. Forge solid relationships with these key online users and they will most likely refer you to the right people for continuous growth. In the case of #MyNSAQuestion, we find who the most prolific users are and what other hashtags are being used. Hashtags that trend well will take your business to new heights and strengthen your reputation.

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