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“The Voice” Uses Hashtag To Save Contestant

Is your bet at the bottom? Let your hashtag be heard.

10 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Twitter Use

Here are 10 ways to make the most out of your Twitter experience, whether for social or business purposes.

3 Keys To Better Twitter Relationships

On Twitter, it's not enough that you have thousands of followers. You have to nurture your online relationships to maximize the experience and, if you're a company, boost brand recall and sales.

5 Don’ts of Promoted Tweets and Trends

By now you probably already know what "Promoted" can give you on Twitter. Here's what NOT to do.

5 Must-Have Elements of Event Hashtags

Nowadays, hashtags are almost synonymous to a successful event. Here are the key elements of effective event hashtags.

5 Must-Haves for a Successful Business Twitter Account

What does it take for your business account to gain a solid following?

5 Powerful Social Media Advice Any Marketer Should Know

Marketers can maximize the power of social media. Here's how.

5 Steps to Making a Powerful, Trending Hashtag

Getting a hashtag to trend is not just about a witty name, it's also about promotion and tracking.

5 Ways To Convert Your Clients On Twitter

Play your characters right and your followers could turn into your clients.

5 Ways To Make The Twitterverse Click “Follow”

What drives a Twitter user to click "follow"?

6 Ways To Make Your Hashtag Stand Out

In this era of paid hashtag promotions, it would simply be a waste of resources if you don't do it right the first time.

7 Habits of Successful #Executives on #Twitter

Executives on Twitter abide by these 7 basic tenets for a successful micro-blogging presence.

7 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2014

The opening of 2014 should jumpstart your social media strategy. Here's where -- and how -- you can start.

7 Social Media Trends You Must Never Miss

Marketers should always be on their toes so they don't waste any time and resources on strategies that may have worked in the past but certainly do not work now.

8 Ways To Tie Your Twitter Campaign To The 2014 New Year

Because it's the new year, it's time to hit that refresh button. Here's how to tie your campaign with the hype coming with the turn of the year.

All About Twitter Age Screening

Twitter has partnered with Buddy Media to create age screening solutions for brand markets to connect with the right age groups online.

Are Hashtags In Commercials Effective?

Integrating hashtags into TV commercials and shows may be good for your brand.

Are You Writing Your Hashtags Correctly? Why They’re Not Working

Learn more about why your hashtags may not be working.

Avoiding #BlackFriday Crowds? #CyberMonday It Is!

#CyberMonday may just be the Monday that comes after #BlackFriday but it is also one of the most celebrated shopping events in the US and some parts of the world.

Building Credibility and a Good Reputation on Twitter

For your business to have a successful online presence, you need to invest in building a good reputation and establishing credibility.

CEOs Unsure About Getting Direct and Personal on Twitter

More CEOs are realizing the value of a direct social media presence to establish credibility and reach out to more clients.

Checklist For A Successful Online Non-profit Advocacy Campaign

Any online campaign requires certain basic elements to succeed. This infographic gives us the lowdown.

Confused About #Hashtags? Let’s Set Things Straight

Do you know what hashtags are and what they do? This is a good place to start.

Convert Social Media Contacts Into Business Relationships

Even casual Twitter conversations can turn into viable business relationships.

Do Follower Numbers Really Matter?

You have thousands of followers -- but are they really interested in what you're posting?

Do You Want To Create A Promoted Trend? Read These Rules First

There are rules that will help you make a proper Promoted Trend for maximum exposure and generate new loyal customers.

Does Your Business Need A Social Media Strategy?

At a time technology is king, a social media strategy is a must for any business.

Enhanced Twitter Profile Pages

An enhanced profile page boosts your brand's appeal -- and will get you more followers.

Essential Twitter Hashtags For Authors And Writers

Authors and writers on Twitterverse are using hashtags to easily connect with each other online.

FAIL: Hashtag Campaigns That Went Bust

Five companies learn to never take #hashtags for granted (the hard way!).

Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

There are several applications that can help you find out who unfollowed you on Twitter. Here are the top three.

Follower Engagement: Why Do You Need It?

To succeed in social media marketing, you have to reach out to your market.

Food And Hashtags: How The Fastfood Industry Markets On Twitter

How do some of the world's top food chains manage their hashtags?

Gender and Social Media: How Men and Women Differ

Men and women have different attitudes toward social media. Here's what marketers should know before starting a campaign.

Guide To Selling On Twitter (Without Being A Hard Sell)

With just 140 characters to a tweet, selling without being a hard sell can be quite a challenge. Here's how to creatively display your offerings online.

Hashtag Analytics 101: Tweets vs Impressions

What is the difference between a tweet and an impression and why does knowing both matter?

Hashtag Power: What A Hashtag Can Do For A Brand

How powerful are hashtags?

Hashtag Targeting Helps Locate Relevant Consumers

Online users can be located and reached by specific companies depending on the hashtags that they’re using. Here's how hashtag targeting works.

Hashtag Tracking: Why It Matters

Hashtag analytics help you determine if your social media campaign is working or not. Here's what tracking tools can do for you.

Hashtagging Your Business: How Many Is Too Many?

Hashtagging is fun; but don't get carried away.

How Can YouTube Help Build Your Social Media Brand?

People appreciate a visually appealing marketing approach. By incorporating your social media strategy with YouTube, you reach out to a wider audience.

How Do I Get Followers On Twitter?

A large Twitter following completes the micro-blogging experience. For your posts to make a difference, they need to reach a lot of people.

How Do I Get Retweeted?

The rate of somebody retweeting your tweet will depend on how you project yourself to your followers and the kind of content you share.

How Do I Share Links On My Tweets?

You can maximize your information sharing capabilities on Twitter by posting links with your tweets. Each post can only accommodate up to 140 characters, so it’s important that you know how to use URL shorteners and make more space for your…

How Does A Regular User Benefit From Hashtags?

Hashtags are not just for marketers. See how you can take advantage of how powerful it is.

How Evian Rode The Valentine’s Frenzy

The launch a heartwarming campaign, timing is essential.

How Is Your Competition Doing? Find Out Through The Hashtag Approach

Analytics tools will tell you how your hashtag is faring against your competition.

How Often Should You Tweet A Day and Why?

Too many or too few tweets?

How Social Media May NOT Be Good For Your Business

A social media presence can also depend largely on timing. Is your business ready?

How To Add A Tweet Button To Your Website

Having a tweet button on your website will help maximize your online presence and boost your audience significantly.

How to Avoid Hashtag Hijacking

A hashtag may be too popular that hijackers are itching to sabotage it. Here's how you can protect yourself.

How to Build a Trending Hashtag: 3 Questions To Ask Before Starting

Here are three important questions to ask before you go on your way to crafting that perfect trending hashtag.

How To Build Social Media Buzz For Your Live Event

Getting the relevant individuals to become part of the live event will determine the success of the entire campaign

How To Create Effective Marketing Hashtags

Any Twitter user can conveniently make a hashtag but it requires specific methods to guarantee that it will trend well on the social media site.

How To Drive The Right Audience To Your Twitter Account

Are you attracting the right Twitter crowd?

How To Get People To Jump Into Your Event Hashtag

To ensure the success of the event hashtag, here are some of the common approaches that expert marketers use to engage with users more.

How To Get Your Hashtag Trending On Twitter

It's easy to make a #hashtag on Twitter, but it takes extra analysis to create a hashtag that will become a trending topic. Here are some tips to help get yours on the front page.

How To Make A Twitter Bio That Rocks

How your Twitter bio looks is just as important as your posts and update schedules. Here's how to make a very good first impression.

How to Maximize Hashtags for TV Ads

Placing hashtags on television shows and ads has proven to be a smart marketing strategy. Here's how the successful ones did it.

How to Maximize Your Twitter Event Hashtag

Once you've chosen the hashtag your event will work with, the next step is to maximize its marketing capabilities.

How To Measure Crowd Response Through Analytics

Incorporating analytics tools into your online strategy lets you know immediately whether what you're doing is working or not.

How To Organize A Local Twitter Party

Hosting a Twitter party or a tweet chat is relatively easy and can significantly give your online reputation a boost if you do it right.

How To Prevent Disasters On Your Hashtags

Hashtag campaigns are effective in boosting business volume -- if done right. Here's how to make sure nothing goes wrong.

How To Say “Thank You” To Your Social Media Fans

Your fans are what make your online identity strong and stable. Here are ways to show your gratitude.

How To Start A Twitter Hashtag

You can set a worldwide trend by starting your own hashtag.

How To Track Hashtag Performance

To determine which hashtags are trending well, you can try some online tools and sites that provide analytics and data.

How To Use Hashtags On Instagram

Instantly connect with users with similar interests as yours by appending hashtags to your Instagram uploads.

How To Use Hashtags To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Even the simplest hashtags can result to thousands of clicks in favor of your personal website. Here's how to do it right.

How To Use Instagram (and its Hashtags) To Promote Your Brand

Here are tips to maximize your Instagram account and build your online presence.

How to Use Twitter and Hashtags for Video Marketing

How to maximize your video's impact through Twitter and hashtag tools.

How to Write a Great Twitter Bio That Gets Followers

How you write your bio can help boost your follower count from 0 to 100.

How Travel Businesses Can Influence Customers More On Social Media

As today's traveler gets more Internet savvy, those in the journey business bring their A-game to social media.

How Twitter Contests Help Maximize Business Growth

Conducting contests on Twitter is a great way to get your target market engaged and your product exposed to a wider audience. Here's how to maximize its business growing potential.

How Well Was Your Hashtag Contest Received?

You can have hashtag contests all you want. But without the right analytics tools, you'll never know how they fared. Here are tips.

Is It Time to Rebrand Yourself On Twitter?

Your follower numbers and sales are declining -- Is it time to remake your image online?

Is Your Business Ready For Social Media?

Majority of the world's potential buying market are now tech-oriented, with individuals having at least one social media account. It's time your business joins the trend.

Is Your Hashtag Campaign Working?

You can create a nifty hashtag, but how can you be sure if it IS working? Here's how.

Is Your Hashtag Reaching The Right People?

You may have a trending hashtag -- but is it reaching your target market?

It’s Not Always The Numbers: Guide To Tweeting Smart

The content and timing of tweets are more important than frequency.

JC Penney Lets Customers Say “Hashtag” First to Avail of Discounts

Retailer seems confused over how hashtags really work.

Less is More: Why Wordiness is an Enemy of Social Media

When it comes to hashtags, keep it short, simple and direct.

List of URL Shorteners

URL shorteners help you maximize your social media posting power by leaving you more room for personal notes.

Maximize Your Instagram Presence And Widen Your Market Coverage

Here's how you can make the most out of your Instagram account to help your business reach a bigger audience.

More Marketers Use New Social Media Model for Advertising

Pepsi uses #MeetBeyonce to promote the superstar's concert on social media.

Nielsen Brand Effect Aims For Better Twitter Campaign Measurement

Twitter, Nielsen partnership sets goal to better measure social media effectiveness.

Photos, Videos Trump Text Updates In Social Networks

A photo truly carries a thousand words; and in the case of the social media network user, worth more likes than text.

Promoted Tweets Help Businesses Sell More, Says Study

A Twitter-commissioned study shows that promoted tweets are, indeed, effective in boosting sales.

Rules, Practices and Behaviors When Promoting on Twitter

Promoting on Twitter is not just about creating a catchy hashtag and tweeting incessantly. There are rules to follow.

Saving A Hashtag Search On Twitter

Hashtags are a great way to gather information on a specific subject as it allows you to view all conversations made about it under one thread. It is different from Lists in a way that it classifies discussions according to the topic…

So You’ve Created A Hashtag: Now What?

Now that you've created a hashtag for your business, how do you maximize its use? Here are valuable tips.

Social Media Boosts Customer Service Offerings For Firms

With companies and brands trying to expand their client networks via social media, the methods of responding to customer queries and complaints have also gone beyond pen and paper.

Social Media Branding, According To Hilton

Hilton Hotels understands how to maximize social media. Learn how the company does it.

Social Media Targeting: Turn Browsers Into Real Buyers

On social media, it's not enough that you have an account. Your presence should be strong enough to convert viewers into actual buyers.

Starting A Twitter Hashtag For Business

Twitter's vast network creates a viable way for businesses to expand their networks and reach out to more clients. Here's how to start a twitter hashtag to promote your business.

The 12-Month Path to Social Media Success

This 12-month plan serves as your guide to creating a sound and solid social media plan for your self or your business.

The Benefits Of Social Media Beyond Marketing

Beyond marketing, social media can do more to improve the way we connect with others online.

The Great #TeamFollowBack Never Ceases To Retain Its Trending Pattern

#TeamFollowBack helps Twitter users to gather more followers and meet new people. In the world of social media, this gives them a bigger voice.

There’s a New Scary Movie in the Works — And It’s Titled #Horror

According to industry sources, #Horror is the first movie to feature an actual hashtag.

Tight Marketing Budget? Promote Your Business For Free On Twitter

You don't need a marketing budget to promote your business on Twitter. You can add dozens of new customers in just a matter of days without having to spend so much on advertising, of course, through the right approaches.

Twitter 101: How To Handle Customer Complaints

As more customers turn to Twitter to engage with brands, having a solid client service strategy online becomes necessary. Here's how to maximize your business' micro-blogging presence to make sure customers stay happy.

Twitter 101: Reel Your Target Audience In

Here are some tips to make sure you're attracting the right audience.

Twitter Contest Guidelines 101

You can hold a #contest on Twitter, but there are rules you need to follow.

Twitter Etiquette 101

Twitter may be public domain, but to thrive and survive, you need to follow a few basic best practices guidelines.

Twitter Gold Star: The Favorite Defined

Learn more about that Gold Star and why it's important.

Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeting Feature

Marketers can now access a wider market by targeting specific keywords and phrases.

Twitter Launches the Lead Generation Card

A new Twitter feature helps simplify advertising and branding online.

Twitter Marketing 101: How To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

How to be above the rest on social media.

Twitter Marketing 101: What Does It Take For A Hashtag To Trend?

While some Twitter users are very successful at making well-trending hashtags, this doesn't mean you cannot do the same for your own campaign. Here's how you can make it happen.

Twitter Promos That Get Attention and Drive Sales

How do you get people's attention on the world's largest micro-blogging platform?

Twitter Still Celebrates #RejectedCandyHearts

And so it happens every year, during Valentine's.

Tyson Knows How Hashtags Trend. See Why #TysonGlutenFree Worked

When it comes to hashtags that trend, food manufacturer Tyson shows us how it's done.

Understanding Twitter Impressions: Why Are They Important?

Why impressions matter in hashtag analysis as much as the number of tweets.

Useful Hashtags For The Business Minded

Twitter is a great way to expand and promote your business.

Using Hashtags On Pinterest

Using hashtags on your Pinterest search will lead to a plethora of ideas and inspiration online.

Using Twitter for Local Marketing Strategies

Local marketing efforts are generally similar everywhere, but there will always be something that will set a group of strategies apart because certain groups prefer certain things done a certain way.

Using Twitter Hashtags for Your Small Business

Businesses around the globe are starting to utilize hashtags as a way to increase their marketing efforts and help to get their brand noticed online.

Watch Demi Lovato’s Hashtag-Heavy Music Video

New Demi Lovato music video rides on #UnlockHeartAttack hashtag.

What Are Hashtag Pages?

Hashtag pages are made and designed to improve the way trends and brands are promoted on social media networks. Here's why your business/event needs it.

What Are Promoted Tweets?

You can build a stronger online presence for your brand with Promoted Tweets on Twitter.

What Do Twitter Trends Mean?

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time. Trends are often created to promote a cause, an event or simply to build a massive online discussion about a subject.

What Does It Take for a Hashtag to Trend?

A successful hashtag has one ultimate definition -- it reached trending status.

What Is A Retweet?

Retweets are a quick and easy way to forward information to your followers without having to type a message from scratch.

What Is A Tweetup And How Do I Start One?

A tweetup allows you to put a face to the name and expand your network further.

What Is Your Social Media Personality? How Clients See You Online Matters

You can control how your followers perceive your brand on social media.

What It Means When a Hashtag is Trending

So a hashtag is trending worldwide; what does it mean? We discuss why a hashtag trends and what it means for you or your business.

What Makes Hashtags Trend? 5 Ways To Get Attention

A trending hashtag is almost always anchored on these five themes.

What NEVER to Do with Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful and effective -- if you know how to use them. Here are the top things you should NEVER do if you want to be taken seriously online.

What Will Get You Unfollowed?

While Twitter is a free universe, certain types of posts are sure to get your follower count down.

What’s The Point Of All These Hashtags?

Why are hashtags all over Twitter and why they are so important? Here's the lowdown on the hashed keywords you love and hate at the same time.

When Promoted Hashtags DON’T Work

Promoted hashtags are a good investment -- but they might not always work.

Which Social Media Networks Use Hashtags?

Hashtags have been a popular and effective way to bring ideas together from people all over the world -- and a solid technique for marketers to reach their target consumers.

Who Are The ‘Millenials’ And Why Pay Attention To This Market?

"Millenials" are an indispensable part of your social media strategy. Here's why.

Who Is Your Twitter Audience? Identifying Who Your Fans Are

Who are your biggest fans on Twitter? Here's how to find out.

Why Analytics Matter To Your Twitter Strategy

Analytics will guide you on how to improve your social media strategies in a way that will ultimately lead to more online followers and income.

Why Are Your Tweet Chats Getting The Cold Shoulder?

Here are 5 reasons why your tweet chat isn't getting enough participants.

Why Are Your Tweets Being Ignored?

You keep tweeting, but nobody's following. Here are the reasons why.

Why Companies are Spending More On Social Media Advertising

In today's ad-driven environment, you won't get far without a good social media program in place.

Why Companies Should Adopt Hashtag Marketing

In this day and age of social media the business that does not ride on will be a business that is left behind.

Why Do Hashtags Fail?

Not all hashtags make it to the trending list. Here's are the reasons why some hashtags don't make the roster and why some fail entirely.

Why Do You Need To Track Engagement on Social Media?

So you've got a lot of followers and people are using your hashtags. Why does it matter? Here's why.

Why Should You Include Social Media In Your Campaign?

When operating a business, you can get the full benefits by investing in social media. Here's why it is a MUST.

Why Should You Join A Tweet Chat?

Engagement, or interacting and exchanging messages with other Twitter users, is the core of micro-blogging. By getting into conversations with others, you bring a deeper purpose into your online account.

Why The Hashtag Is Probably The Most Powerful Tool On Twitter

How much power can a hashtag wield, really?

Why Twitter Location Marketing Matters

When it comes to marketing on the world's largest social media community, location targeting may go farther than simply setting a national campaign.

Why You’re On Twitter and Why Hashtags Matter

Here are some reasons why it matters that you're on Twitter and how you can maximize your presence online.

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

For your industry, keyword, event, business, product, service, conference, or blog.

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