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It Looks Like Social Media Sees The Dress As #WhiteAndGold

Twitter entered curiosity mode last night as people aggressively debated the color of a dress that seemed to boggle people's minds. #WhiteAndGold? You decide.

Social Media Votes And Decides On Who Is The #FaceOfMLB In 2014

The #FaceOfMLB 2014 will be decided using social media. Fans use the hashtag to vote for their favorite player that they think best represents the league.

Keeping In the Valentine's Day Spirit, Twitter Plays #WhatIsLoveIn4Words

Just before Valentine's Day, social media sees #WhatIsLoveIn4Words appear which allows people to share their idea of what true love would look like.

Over The Latest Controversies, CNN Starts #AskACop In Order To Bring Out Real Answers

The last few months social media has witnessed plenty of improper behavior from public enforcement. #AskACop seeks to bring out the good in these officers.

College Football Season Is Almost Over-Only #OneFinalTeam Can Take Top 4

As the College Football season comes to a close, fans are asked to vote on which #OneFinalTeam they think will secure a position in the top 4.

Twitter Study Shows How Brand Mentions Affect Consumers Offline and Online

With 80% of users mentioning brands in Tweets, how does this affect consumer choices? Study shows us.

Michigan University Lists "Hashtag" and "Selfie" In 2014 Most Annoying Words

A university in Michigan lists "hashtag" and "selfie" in list of most annoying words in 2014.

How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Narcissists

There are studies that show how social media may lead to problems like narcissism and depression.

Social Media Users Spread Anger Faster Than Other Emotions - Study

What's the fastest way to spread emotion online? Use anger, says study.

Would It Matter If Only A Few CEOs Are Online? - Study

Study shows only a handful of CEOs are on social media. What could this mean for marketers and advertisers?

More Adults, Even Seniors, Use Social Media In 2013

As the communications industry evolves, more adults (even senior citizens) are taking their thoughts to social media.

Spikes in Tweets Lead to Higher TV Ratings and Vice-versa

Recent study shows that how you view TV reflects in how you Tweet.

Is Twitter A True Measure Of Public Sentiment?

A recent study shows that while Twitter may reflect what people are thinking -- it's only that of individuals with social media accounts.

Marketing Online? Study Says Target "Mobile-First" Users

New Twitter study reveals "mobile-first" users are best targets for social media marketing.

#WishGranted Will Get You On A Super Bowl Ad

Toyota Motors launched an online competition with #wishgranted, allowing the public a chance to appear in its commercial for Super Bowl XLVII.

#Hashtag Is 2012 "Word of the Year"

For the year 2012, the American Dialect Society has given the Twitter-inspired term <a href="/analytics/hashtag">#HASHTAG</a> the award for being the most memorable word, calling it a "ubiquitous phenomenon in online talk."

Facebook Encourages Stronger Bonds Over Twitter: Study

According to a recently conducted study, ties created on social networking site Facebook are stronger compared to those built on Twitter.

Infographic Shows How Much Time You Spend On Social Media

Are you spending too much of your hours browsing social network sites? This infographic shows us the numbers.

Study: Recruiters Aren't Really Into Social Media

A recent study shows that while social media sites like Twitter are a great way to feature your professional profile, recruiters aren't really looking this way as often as we might think.

Chicago Study Shows How Irresistible Social Media Is

A study by the University of Chicago found that social media use has leveled with (and sometimes surpassed) vices and sex when it comes to getting your attention.

Do More Political Tweets Mean Bigger Donations?

Study finds that the more you tweet about politics, the more likely people will notice and donate money.

Photos, Videos Trump Text Updates In Social Networks

A photo truly carries a thousand words; and in the case of the social media network user, worth more likes than text.

Twindex Launch Inspires Twitter Users To Speak Up On Obama, Romney

Twitter launched the Twitter Political Index, Twindex for short, to create a measure of the micro-blogging community's sentiments on the 2012 US presidential election, specifially on presidential seat aspirants Pres. Barack Obama and Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney.

US Survey Shows People Fear Missing Out On Social Networks

A new kind of fear has risen -- that is, the fear of not being able to log on to one's online social media accounts.

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