Social Media and the Business of Selling

July 17, 2013
Many company owners and marketers would agree that effective marketing today can only happen if social media is also employed. There are several tools available that will allow people to acquire and spread information with the goal to have more loyal clients and increase sales. There are also special features in every website that will target specific users. Know how each tool works then determine the best ones that would work according to your campaign and type of business. Certain markets prefer specific types of engagement with their preferred brands. Some like to be informed through email text, some via mobile and some via video and other visuals. Here is an overview of the most popular networks that you also must have on your online marketing strategy.

1. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows online users to make use of 140 characters maximum when posting ?tweets?. Many companies create Twitter accounts to spread information about new products and upcoming events. The hashtag is one of the most powerful tools on Twitter. It is a topic preceded by the # symbol which allows individuals to look for related fields, companies and items online. The hashtags are very important when preparing for events and other activities too. There are social analytics that can gauge the reach and total impressions made by a hashtag within a 24-hour or 7-day period (some even as far as six months to one year). Twitter also posts the top trending topics so businesses will gain more followers and loyal customers by tweeting regularly.

2. Facebook

The number one social media site allows companies to do a variety of things online -- and continues to evolve to this day. First, businesses can start a professional account. Post full information about your company using the different tabs and filling in the public sheet. Companies can connect with other businesses, as well as share information through the timeline. Online users can get live feeds and updates. Facebook also allows people to chat privately, post photos and videos and comment on articles, pictures and videos. The social media website is one of the most complete, allowing you to make full business pages dedicated to cater customers any time. As a business page owner, you can also download an app into your mobile phone to access and administer your page from wherever you are at any time of the day.

3. Instagram

The website focuses primarily on photos and the sharing of these. Because a lot of mobile and social media users are highly visual, many businesses use it to entice more people to patronize and avail of their products. There are also several online contests held on Instagram, inviting users to post photos of themselves visiting business branches or using related products. Instagram relies on the fact that majority of people today owns at least one mobile device. They can immediately take photos using their mobile phone or tablet then post on the site.

4. YouTube

Many companies also use YouTube, which is focuses mainly on video uploading and sharing. You can show demonstrations on new products, provide helpdesk or instructional videos on products or introductions to your business scheme or approach. YouTube is also useful when trying to grab the attention of people for the first time. Many huge companies invest in high quality videos then upload these on YouTube to capture the interest of online users. People can also post comments and share the video on other social media sites.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is similar to having an online bulletin board. You can post pictures, articles, snippets and other interesting content on the board then replace these as necessary. Businesses can start an online account then share the experience of being a part of their company. People can know more about the background and thrusts of the company by viewing the things you pin.

6. LinkedIn

Primarily a job search website, LinkedIn will help businesses find promising talent and skilled employees who can be vital contributors to their team. People can post their online resume then companies can easily spot the most valuable individuals that will fill in special positions. Many of these websites incorporate hashtags so users can easily find related subjects and industries.  

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