Twitter Ads 101: How To Get Started

February 7, 2014
When using Twitter for marketing, it is essential to be familiar with the rules and features to make the most out of each campaign. Twitter Ads have become more popular than before as more marketers realize the vast effects and benefits of pay-per-click advertising. You can reach thousands of relevant users in just a few hours and bring in more loyal followers and increased sales. You can easily communicate with the target audience and provide them with the right info and products as necessary.

1. Know the basics

Learn what Twitter Ads are for and how these function. Generally, there are three kinds ? promoted accounts, promoted tweets and promoted hashtags. You can use any of these based on your social media objectives. If you intend to gain more followers, use promoted accounts. You will appear in the ?Who To Follow? section on Twitter and find relevant users who can help spread brand awareness. If you plan to let people know about a new product or talk about a particular topic or event, try promoted hashtags. You can view and interact with people through tweets. Finally, use promoted tweets?to reach new users as well as maintain the interest of current ones.

2. Prepare the budget

Determine how much money you?re willing to spend on the social media campaign. Small and medium-sized businesses may now enjoy pay-per-click and promoted hashtag advertising without hurting their budget. You will realize how effective Twitter ads and tools work when promoting new products and events. Set a schedule for an entire quarter or year then prepare the budget depending on the approach and Twitter tool you intend to use.

3. Manage your tweets

Not all tweets will perform as well as the others. You can adjust the settings to promote tweets manually or automatically. During the campaign period, you can manually add or remove tweets depending on how these perform. You can also promote the best ones or set it automatically. Check how people are responding to tweets and read their comments. Communicate with users throughout the campaign and answer questions in timely fashion. Read more about finding out if your tweets are working.

4. Target customers

Add interesting categories to drive the right individuals to your Twitter account. Select the specific location to only bring people belonging in a particular area. You can target keywords by using hashtags and tweeting regularly. Target specific users who have a huge following and learn more about their interests and social media searches. You can also tap your most prolific users to do the advertising for you. Import your keyword list to make it easier for users to find you on Twitter. Use the right keywords that relevant users will most likely type in the search box. Enter the user names of people you intend to target. Be specific when targeting to avoid random users.

5. Monitor and evaluate your campaign

Constantly monitor the advertising campaign. Don't just launch a campaign and expect it run smoothly on its own. There will be tweaks and changes along the way. Determine the best times to tweet and communicate with the target audience. Also check feedback and respond to queries as soon as possible. Keep the conversation interesting and continuous. Also be creative and provide incentives and rewards if possible. Using the different Twitter ad tools will help you realize both short term and long term objectives in social media. Maximize these mostly free tools to get more people to know you exist.

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