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“We Will Not Sell Photos,” Instagram Clarifies

Instagram explains new terms of service and clarifies privacy issues after Facebook's takeover.

#Hashtag Is 2012 “Word of the Year”

For the year 2012, the American Dialect Society has given the Twitter-inspired term #HASHTAG the award for being the most memorable word, calling it a "ubiquitous phenomenon in online talk."

#StopTheTerror Calls For Peace Between Israel, Gaza

Netizens use #StopTheTerror to call for peace between Israel and Gaza.

#WishGranted Will Get You On A Super Bowl Ad

Toyota Motors launched an online competition with #wishgranted, allowing the public a chance to appear in its commercial for Super Bowl XLVII.

10 Websites That Support Hashtags

To maximize your use of hashtags for personal objectives or to push an online campaign, these are the ten websites where you should be applying them.

5 Must-Have Elements of Event Hashtags

Nowadays, hashtags are almost synonymous to a successful event. Here are the key elements of effective event hashtags.

A Promise in a Hashtag: #TeamFollowBack

#teamfollowback promises to help twitter accounts gain followers by stating the twitter account will give a follow for a follow.

Anti-Instagram Lawsuit “Without Merit,” Says FB

A class action lawsuit against Instagram for the revisions to the terms of service post-Facebook takeover has emerged; but Facebook says it won't hold.

Business And Instagram: How To Make It Work

Instagram is a highly visual platform and it is up to you, the business owner, to make sure your account's appeal lingers.

Chicago Study Shows How Irresistible Social Media Is

A study by the University of Chicago found that social media use has leveled with (and sometimes surpassed) vices and sex when it comes to getting your attention.

Hashtag Targeting Helps Locate Relevant Consumers

Online users can be located and reached by specific companies depending on the hashtags that they’re using. Here's how hashtag targeting works.

How To Get Away With Social Media At Work

There are ways to justify accessing social media at work should you get caught. Of course, these tactics are not boss-proof, so use them moderately -- or only in dire situations.

How To Use Hashtags On Instagram

Instantly connect with users with similar interests as yours by appending hashtags to your Instagram uploads.

How To Use Instagram (and its Hashtags) To Promote Your Brand

Here are tips to maximize your Instagram account and build your online presence.

Instagram Battles Twitter Head-on; Axes Feature

By scrapping its photo sharing feature on Twitter, does this mean that Instagram is finally ready to battle the largest micro-blogging network head on?

Instagram Leads Social Media Engagement Numbers

It is the visual that boost engagement numbers when marketing on social media.

Instagram Shares 2013’s Most Hashtagged and Instagrammed

The Internet's premier photo-sharing community shares its top numbers for 2013.

Instagram Trumps Twitter On Usage

Instagram now has Twitter trailing behind when it comes user engagement.

Instagram Update Introduces Ban On Certain Hashtags

Loyal followers of Instagram posted mixed reactions online after the company announced a number of changes to how it works.

Maximize Your Instagram Presence And Widen Your Market Coverage

Here's how you can make the most out of your Instagram account to help your business reach a bigger audience.

New @Instagram #App Enhances Brand #Marketing Strategies

New VenueSeen capability allows brands to gain better client exposure on Instagram.

Photo War Between Twitter, Instagram Begins

As Facebook-owned Instagram gains momentum, Twitter aims to introduce a new photo-filtering service which will hopefully put an end to the popularity of the photo-sharing platform.

Photos, Videos Trump Text Updates In Social Networks

A photo truly carries a thousand words; and in the case of the social media network user, worth more likes than text.

Social Media Empowers Social Giving In 2012

2012 was a year of empowered philanthropic activities made more successful by active social media promotion.

Twitter vs. Instagram: The Showdown

The war between Twitter and Instagram continues to heat up -- and users get all the benefits.

Twitter Went For Instagram, But Didn’t Formalize: Reports Say

Reports say Twitter had offered to acquire Instagram, but didn't put it on paper.

Twitter, Instagram Photos Made Easy With New Swirl From Betaworks

Betaworks launches a new App that will make sharing and viewing photos on Twitter and Instagram much easier.

What NEVER to Do with Hashtags

Hashtags are powerful and effective -- if you know how to use them. Here are the top things you should NEVER do if you want to be taken seriously online.

Would You Pay To Be On Instagram?

After Facebook's takeover of the free photo-sharing site in April 2012, the Zuckerberg firm is now considering making money off the platform. Would you agree?

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

For your industry, keyword, event, business, product, service or blog.

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Track Your Hashtags

Listen, measure and engage in Twitter conversations and gain valuable social media insights.

For your industry, keyword, event, business, product, service, conference, or blog.

Start Tracking Now

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