Breaking information on the #breaking hashtag

In the information age, and more specifically, with social media, learning of significant events as they occur, on a global scale, is only a #hashtag away.

Battle of the weekly recurring hashtags, who reigns supreme?

Determining once and for all which one of social media's most popular weekly recurring hashtag is the most popular.

Star Wars Fans Came Out In Full Force Last Friday #ForceFriday

Fans lined up in droves to be among the first to buy the next wave of Star Wars memorabilia.

It Looks Like Social Media Sees The Dress As #WhiteAndGold

Twitter entered curiosity mode last night as people aggressively debated the color of a dress that seemed to boggle people's minds. #WhiteAndGold? You decide.

Week After Week, #PLL Keeps Fans On Their Feet And Introduces More Mystery

The "Liars" of Pretty Little Liars (#PLL) bring their audience to the edge of their seats yet again as more lies and mysteries accumulate in every episode.

It's #DeadlineDay For Transfers And Moves Around The Soccer World

The January #DeadlineDay has arrived in the soccer world. Teams finalized their transfers as players had to choose which option would be best for them.

To Help End Stigmas Associated With Mental Illness, The #BellLetsTalk Campaign Takes To Social Media

The social stigmas surrounding mental illnesses is diminishing thanks to the support of the #BellLetsTalk campaign which encourages social media to help out.

#YAllRemember Trends On Twitter, And It's Not Even Thursday Yet

A trending hashtag has to appeal to the emotional side of the Twitter universe -- and #YAllRemember has done just that.

How Evian Rode The Valentine's Frenzy

The launch a heartwarming campaign, timing is essential.

Twitter Ads 101: How To Get Started

There are available and free tools on Twitter to help you boost your marketing campaign.

4 Key Performance Indicators To Measuring Hashtag Success

How well did your hashtag perform? Measure it in numbers.

How to Maximize Hashtags for TV Ads

Placing hashtags on television shows and ads has proven to be a smart marketing strategy. Here's how the successful ones did it.

#McDStories & the Anatomy of a Failed Promoted Hashtag

A promoted hashtag will only be as effective as the team or individual preparing it. Here's where some of the top brands failed.

Was Your Tweet A Success? Here?s How To Find Out

How do you know if your tweet was seen by many? How was it received? Here's how.

How Social Media Is Turning Us Into Narcissists

There are studies that show how social media may lead to problems like narcissism and depression.

Hashtagging A Disaster: #Haiyan And Its Hashtag Permutations

In a calamity that affects the world, the best way to disseminate information at the fastest rate is social media. Here's how to do it properly.

How Are TV Viewers Using Social Media?

According to expert marketers, individuals who watch TV turn to social media to acquire as well as share more information about related shows in real time. And this "second screen" interaction is growing.

#SorryNotSorry: 3 Reasons Why It Will Always Trend

There are trends that go on for a very long time. See why.

Twitter Abuzz With #FailedObamacareSlogans

Social media take their Obamacare opinions to Twitter.

Fallon, Timberlake Show How Far Out Hashtags Have Gone

Everybody wants to hashtag, it seems.

How Knowing Tweet Numbers Can Help You

How does knowing how many people tweeted hashtag help your business?

Should You Launch A Hashtag Now? The Checklist

What should you consider before starting a hashtag?

How Social Media May NOT Be Good For Your Business

A social media presence can also depend largely on timing. Is your business ready?

The Anatomy Of An Embarrassing Hashtag Blunder

What leads to a hashtag mistake and how to spot the signs before it blows up.

4 Ways to Monitor Your Hashtag?s Performance

So you've created a really catchy hashtag, how do you know how it's performing well?

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