Unemployed? How to Tweet and Land a Job

July 3, 2013
The way people look for work or hire employees has changed a lot because of social media. A lot of people do not realize that their Twitter activity can actually lead to business and work opportunities. Using Twitter can be fun and free so be sure to know some of the basic approaches that will invite more followers and establish your reputation online. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect job.

1. Establish your reputation

Start by creating a catchy online account. Post a clear photo of yourself and begin tweeting a few times each day. Always make it a habit to tweet about your interests and chosen field. Do some research to keep posts interesting and content-rich. Also join conversations and chats then meet some of the experts in the industry. Become a familiar figure online to bring in more followers. Maintain decency at all times even if you?re not looking for a job. There are a number of individuals who regret having posted negative comments or sharing compromised photos of themselves several months later (or when people start unfollowing them).

2. Get more followers

Many companies will check your total followers to determine if you have online presence or influence. There are groups that specifically look for individuals with leadership skills or who command a huge following on Twitter, which means that they follow the basic guidelines in using social media such as sharing links, tagging or mentioning, using hashtags, posting good quality content and sharing photos. Having a lot of followers also mean that you can be an asset to businesses because of the huge network you possess. They can use you as an effective marketing agent to cater and reach target clients.

3. Do someone a favor

Some individuals successfully land jobs by staying visible to potential employers. They share the content, join conversations and contests as well as stay updated with recent developments. Key individuals can be spotted by online companies, particularly those using social analytics. You can be present in their radar, proving that you can a valuable part of their team by spreading brand awareness and providing target customers with regular updates and news regarding the company.

4. Utilize the power of hashtags

Hashtags are conversations where you can discuss specific issues or topics with people who are similarly interested. These are currently used by many businesses to target customers and find relevant users. If you take time to join related chats, you can be a relevant user for businesses. Some may hire you as a consultant or marketer in which you get paid for every follower successfully added to their account. You can also be given particular tasks like sharing information on upcoming events and activities by the company. For starters, learn more on some of the best business hashtags to date.

5. Offer quality content

Aside from being available online all the time, potential employers will also check how well you conduct yourself on Twitter. Successful individuals know how to brand themselves by creating a good reputation and personality pertaining to a specific business. One of the main activities of a branding expert is tweeting good content all the time. You have to be the first when it comes to updates and trends in the market. Share your acquired information with other equally helpful links and media content. Overall, the general rule for jobhunting via social media is presentation. How you present yourself online will create potential employers' lasting impressions of you. Remember, they haven't had the chance to speak with you yet, so watch what you tweet.

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