The Internet is abuzz about #ESPN's decision for whom to award their 2015 ESPY #CourageAward

ESPN decides to provide their Courage Award at this year's #ESPYs to Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner).

AMC's #TheWalkingDead Returns As One Of The Top Trending Hashtags This Weekend

The series #TheWalkingDead reclaims its position as one of the most popular hashtags of the night as it begins to reach the end of another successful season.

The Newest Episodes Of #Empire Keep Getting Better And Gather More Followers

Another episode of #Empire captivates audiences and draws in new crowds. With musical releases fueling the fire, this show gets better and better.

Shawn Mendes Fans Are Ecstatic Over The #LOTPOfficialVideo

After many months of success, the #LOTPOfficialVideo earns Shawn Mendes even more fans across social media and the internet.

The Final Episode Of #TheBachelor Draws Season Long Fans To The Edge Of Their Seats

After a whole season of soul searching, #TheBachelor finally figures out who would be the best fit for himself.

Social Media Prepares For The #iHeartAwards At The End Of The Month

The #iHeartAwards feature iHeartRadio's best and brightest music stars from over the last year.

Twitter Expresses Concern For #HarrisonFord After His Plane Crash

After his plane crash, #HarrisonFord becomes the center of attention and concern for fans all over the internet.

Monday Night #RAW Brings Out The Wrestling Fans Among Social Media

Wrestling fans got plenty of #RAW action during last night's show. It was a big enough show to become one of the biggest trending hashtags of the night.

Fans Flood Twitter Once Again With #Vote5SoS For The Kids' Choice Awards Show

With the Kids' Choice Awards show coming up, #Vote5SoS finally stands out to promote a music group popular among kids and younger teens.

Social Media Spent The Middle Of The Week Watching The #BRITAwards

The British equivalent of the American #GRAMMYs took place last night. The #BRITAwards celebrate the best Britain music, mostly in the pop genre.

With All Of The Awards Shows Going On, The Kids' Choice Awards (#KCA) Is Next

The annual Kids' Choice Awards (#KCA) is a showcase of the best kids' music, movies, shows, and celebrities. It provides a fun filled show for kids of all ages.

The #Oscars2015 Award Show Takes Over Television And Social Media

The #Oscars2015 was filled with big movies and trending celebrities involved in making them. Only the best of the best went home with an award.

Social Media Votes And Decides On Who Is The #FaceOfMLB In 2014

The #FaceOfMLB 2014 will be decided using social media. Fans use the hashtag to vote for their favorite player that they think best represents the league.

Ariana Grande's Big #OneLastTimeVideo Release Shows The Size Of Her Fanbase

Ariana Grande shows social media that she means business with the release of her #OneLastTimeVideo which became an overnight sensation.

Social Media Stars Converge, Featuring #AlexFromTargetAtDigiTour

With social media celebrities such as #AlexFromTargetAtDigiTour, be prepared for some interesting events to unfold across social media in the next few weeks.

Social Media Celebrates The Long Awaited 2014 #GRAMMYs Award Show

After another great year of awesome music, the 2014 edition of the #GRAMMYs Award show finally puts the spotlight on the best of the best of the year.

Shawn Mendes Releases His #ALittleTooMuchVideo Across The Internet

Shawn Mendes releases a new music video under the hashtag #ALittleTooMuchVideo which was more than exciting for fans across social media.

Justin Bieber Is Back And Social Media Is Ready For The #BieberRoast By Comedy Central

Justin Bieber decides to step into Comedy Central for a #BieberRoast. Social media suggests it's a sign of his maturity or perhaps just a publicity stunt.

Another Episode Of Pretty Little Liars (#PLL) Leaves Fans Satisfied This Week

Pretty Little Liars (#PLL) never ceases to generate a lot of discussion across social media through its fan base. Fans are always eager to make predictions.

The Annual FIFA #BallondOr Sparks Excitement And Recognition Among The World's Best Players

The annual award ceremony seeks to highlight the best of the best in the world's most renowned sport. The #BallondOr is more than just an award.

Nash Grier Is At It Again With A New Video Under The Hashtag #AskNacks

Nash interviews a musical duo Jack & Jack while asking common questions from fans as well as featuring his typical humor along the way.

Even After His Death, Elvis Presley Fans Still Celebrate His Birthday With #Elvis80

Elvis Presley fans celebrate the 80th anniversary of his birthday using #Elvis80 and many other hashtags. This recognition is a good display of his legacy.

Justin Bieber Gets Social Media Back On His Side With His #MyCalvins Advertisement

Justin Bieber is known for his controversial antics. Fans see this in his #MyCalvins advertisement for Calvin Klein which riles up his fans for his career.

Fans Celebrate The New Season Of Pretty Little Liars With #HappyPLLDay

Pretty Little Liars is back and fans are pumping each other up by wishing their friends a #HappyPLLDay as they brace for another explosive season.

Nash Grier, An Internet Celebrity, Shows The Power Of Social Media With #NashsChristmasSkit

An internet celebrity sparks a huge trending hashtag after releasing a Christmas-themed video. #NashsChristmasSkit soars as it is spread from person to person.

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