Twitter Says #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift As She Turns 25 Years Old

Taylor Swift turns 25 as Twitter wishes #HappyBirthdayTaylorSwift. The pop star gathered a fan base big enough to make any hashtag involving her a big trend.

Friday Night Featured #TheGameAwards To Celebrate The Highlights Of The Gaming Industry

The reborn annual show, #TheGameAwards, aims to showcase the year's best and next year's brightest in the gaming industry.

Voting For The #AMAs Is Always Open Across Social Media

The American Music Awards (#AMAs) take place this weekend. Voting has opened for select categories which has fans sharing their votes across social media.

A Big Night For Country Music During The #CMAawards2014

The annual awards show for Country music, the #CMAawards2014 turned out to be a big hit for Country fans nationwide.

The Mysterious #AlexFromTarget Has Become A Social Media Celebrity

A simple Tweet drove social media and the entire internet into a frenzy. There?s no doubt you?ve already seen the #AlexFromTarget hashtag in the last few hours...

Taylor Swift Fans Are Sending #TS1989 Up As A Top Trending Hashtag

Taylor Swift releases another hit record. The title of 1989, Swift has gained a whole new fan base while also giving her older fans something to look forward to.

Taylor Swift Fans Bring #WelcomeToNewYork to Last Night's Top Trends

Taylor Swift causes tremendous trending hashtags to arise among social media. Her new single is out October 21st and prepares fans for her new album.

Want to Ask Dane Cook a Question? #AskDane on Twitter!

Dane Cook is back and he wants to know what sorts of questions you might have for him.

#HeForShe: A Feminist Movement

Many people are curious about a new hashtag that is trending: #HeForShe. HeForShe is a trend started by Emma Watson, with the interest of feminism.

#NYFW: New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 takes over Twitter

Queen B's Birthday: #HappyBirthdayBeyonce

Twitter celebrates Beyonc?'s birthday by making #HappyBirthdayBeyonce trend.

"A Hashtag is Not a Movement," Says Scandal Creator Shonda Rhimes

In a speech to graduating students at Dartmouth recently, "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes bashed hashtag activism saying, ?A hashtag is not a movement.?

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange Is Proof How Huge Twitter Can Explode Over A Celebrity

#WhatJayZSaidToSolange fires up Twitter, proving that, yes, social media is that powerful.

Feeling Apprehensive About ObamaCare? Well, #YourMomCares

The Obama administration takes a fresh approach to encourage the public to join the Obamacare campaign by partnering with mothers of famous celebrities.

When Will They Learn? Jenny McCarthy's Hashtag Gets Hijacked

These celebs should really understand -- before trying to get a hashtag to trend, it should not be about them.

Oscar Selfies And The Twitter Amplify Program

Smart move, Samsung. Smart move.

Twitter Went Into Hashtag Mania as the #Oscars2014 Unfolded

As the world stood still for the 2014 Academy Awards, so has Twitter exploded.

When a British Celebrity?s Hashtag Backfires

When celebrity Arthur James launched a hashtag to engage with fans, he didn't prepare for the onslaught of trolls.

#Lawrencing, #Riccing: Celebrity Inspired Hashtag Trends

Certain celebrity blunders -- and deliberate activities -- are simply worth hashtagging.

#GoldenGlobes And Why It Trended This Week

Who won and who got the most tweet activity?

Bieber ?Retires?; See Twitter Go Nuts

The Canadian pop superstar announces his "retirement" -- and then takes it back.

10 Comedians For Your Daily Dose Of Twitter Laughs

Laughter is the best medicine -- even in under 140 characters.

#MTVHottest Draws Astounding Engagement Numbers

MTV UK uses hashtag to promote a show -- and succeeds dramatically.

Beyonce Hashtag Fans Share "Short" Stories

When Beyonce cuts her hair, a hashtag trends.

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