Justin Bieber Is Back And Social Media Is Ready For The #BieberRoast By Comedy Central

Justin Bieber decides to step into Comedy Central for a #BieberRoast. Social media suggests it's a sign of his maturity or perhaps just a publicity stunt.

Social Media Celebrates #MLKDay In Order To Remind The Nation Of His Legacy

He is best known as a defining figure in the case of civil rights a few decades ago, but social media points out that he stood for much more than equal rights.

It May Be Important To Plan Ahead And Choose #MyLastWordsIn5Words

Twitter is getting better at coming up with diverse Twitter games. This week saw plenty of participation in the use of #MyLastWordsIn5Words which was much more developed than most other recent Twitter games.

Two Of The Top European Football Teams Take The Stage As #RealMadridvsATL

In this classic matchup in a match for the Copa del Rey, #RealMadridvsATL proves to stick true to history. They fought well enough to hold each other to a draw.

Another Episode Of Pretty Little Liars (#PLL) Leaves Fans Satisfied This Week

Pretty Little Liars (#PLL) never ceases to generate a lot of discussion across social media through its fan base. Fans are always eager to make predictions.

Social Media Celebrates With #OSU, The Victors Of The College Football National Championship

In an epic College Football Championship game, #OSU took on #Oregon and became National Champions in a well-fought, intense battle.

The Annual FIFA #BallondOr Sparks Excitement And Recognition Among The World's Best Players

The annual award ceremony seeks to highlight the best of the best in the world's most renowned sport. The #BallondOr is more than just an award.

Nash Grier Is At It Again With A New Video Under The Hashtag #AskNacks

Nash interviews a musical duo Jack & Jack while asking common questions from fans as well as featuring his typical humor along the way.

Even After His Death, Elvis Presley Fans Still Celebrate His Birthday With #Elvis80

Elvis Presley fans celebrate the 80th anniversary of his birthday using #Elvis80 and many other hashtags. This recognition is a good display of his legacy.

Justin Bieber Gets Social Media Back On His Side With His #MyCalvins Advertisement

Justin Bieber is known for his controversial antics. Fans see this in his #MyCalvins advertisement for Calvin Klein which riles up his fans for his career.

Fans Celebrate The New Season Of Pretty Little Liars With #HappyPLLDay

Pretty Little Liars is back and fans are pumping each other up by wishing their friends a #HappyPLLDay as they brace for another explosive season.

Microsoft's #WindowsPhone Remains In Constant Flux Among Hashtag Trends

The increasingly common #WindowsPhone continues to have random trending periods across social media as the devices continue to grow in popularity.

Follow Friday (#FF) Continues As A Popular Trend In The New Year

Every Friday, Twitter users reach out to gain more followers (hence #FF Follow Friday). This week's rendition of the hashtag has shown a significant increase in its use.

With 2015 Now Here, Social Media Wishes Everyone A #HappyNewYear

It's official: 2015 is here and everyone is ready for a #HappyNewYear. Social media shows its celebratory side by reminiscing about the past and preparing for 2015.

Social Media Takes New Year's Eve To Celebrate Their #BestMemoriesOf2014

Another year in the books. Social media celebrates its #BestMemoriesOf2014 with the world as 2014 comes to a close.

Notre Dame Takes On LSU In An Intense #MusicCityBowl Football Game

Two power house football programs clash in this #MusicCityBowl. Both teams are known for strong histories but lacked any expertise this season.

#TeamFollowBack Retains Its Trending Status With The Many Other Common Hashtags

At the start of the week, most hashtags are found to be about gaining new followers and friends across social media with hashtags such as #TeamFollowBack.

Nash Grier, An Internet Celebrity, Shows The Power Of Social Media With #NashsChristmasSkit

An internet celebrity sparks a huge trending hashtag after releasing a Christmas-themed video. #NashsChristmasSkit soars as it is spread from person to person.

It's Finally #Christmas And People Are Celebrating All Across Social Media

It's #Christmas, and social media is having a huge celebration, allowing people to share their own #Christmas with others with a simple hashtag.

Twas #ChristmasEve, Not A Creature Was Stirring...Except For All Of Social Media

With Christmas upon us, those celebrating share their special moments from this important holiday with social media.

When It Comes To Celebrating Christmas, #Chicago Shows Other Cities How It's Done

With Christmas practically upon it, the city of #Chicago starts trending thanks to the hundreds of events going on to celebrate with the millions of citizens.

Another Monday Twitter Game Calls To #MakeAComedyScary

Another Monday means another Twitter game. This week features a movie-based remix: changing a Comedy's title to make it scary.

Sundays Are A Good Time To Relax And Celebrate #ShortGirlAppreciationDay

December 21st - the shortest day of the year, social media decides to also name it #ShortGirlAppreciationDay. Light humor gives a distraction from other events.

While Some Worry About Christmas Decorating, Others Look To Clean Up with #HolidayShine

After Christmas festivities are over and even before they beging, it's important to clean up and give your house a #HolidayShine.

Over The Latest Controversies, CNN Starts #AskACop In Order To Bring Out Real Answers

The last few months social media has witnessed plenty of improper behavior from public enforcement. #AskACop seeks to bring out the good in these officers.

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