5 Hashtag Advertising Don'ts To Avoid Like The Plague!

Advertisers and brands are using hashtags more often than traditional approaches and tools and with very good results. But there are rules to follow, to ensure that the target audience responds accordingly.

How To Use Hashtags To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Even the simplest hashtags can result to thousands of clicks in favor of your personal website. Here's how to do it right.

Why Companies Should Adopt Hashtag Marketing

In this day and age of social media the business that does not ride on will be a business that is left behind.

Twitter Ads 101: How To Get Started

There are available and free tools on Twitter to help you boost your marketing campaign.

Hashtag Etiquette Checklist: 5 Things Your Hashtag Should Never Be

Unsure where to start with your hashtag? This don'ts list should set you up firmly from the start.

Was Your Tweet A Success? Here?s How To Find Out

How do you know if your tweet was seen by many? How was it received? Here's how.

How Travel Businesses Can Influence Customers More On Social Media

As today's traveler gets more Internet savvy, those in the journey business bring their A-game to social media.

Why CEOs Are Also On Twitter

Why are top CEOs on Twitter and what do they do?

What Does The Online Consumer Want?

Business owners and marketers are always finding ways to appeal to existing and potential customers. How do you appeal to the online buyer?

10 Ways To Convert Twitter Followers Into Buyers

There are techniques that will effectively convert followers into loyal buyers without being accused of being a hard sell.

What Does It Take for a Hashtag to Trend?

A successful hashtag has one ultimate definition -- it reached trending status.

How Social Media May NOT Be Good For Your Business

A social media presence can also depend largely on timing. Is your business ready?

5 Ways To Make The Twitterverse Click ?Follow?

What drives a Twitter user to click "follow"?

Tweeter?s Block: Plan Your Tweets So Everyone Still Reads

Maintaining an active and interesting Twitter account can be tedious and daunting. Here's how to lighten the load while staying on top.

Would It Matter If Only A Few CEOs Are Online? - Study

Study shows only a handful of CEOs are on social media. What could this mean for marketers and advertisers?

How To Mine Valuable Customer Data On Social Media

See how analytics can help you better read your target market.

What SoLoMo Means And Why You Should Care

Despite the ongoing debate over its use, SoLoMo seems to prove itself beneficial to social media strategists.

How to Bridge the Social Media and CRM Difference

Successful customer service on social media starts with the right understanding of the market and the environment where it moves.

5 Skills Every Social Media Manager Should Have

Taking the lead in winning social media campaigns means having these 5 must-have skills.

Gender and Social Media: How Men and Women Differ

Men and women have different attitudes toward social media. Here's what marketers should know before starting a campaign.

5 Must-Haves for a Successful Business Twitter Account

What does it take for your business account to gain a solid following?

How Real Estate Pros Are Utilizing Social Media

In this digital age, even the buying and selling of property can be done online.

How To Measure Crowd Feedback On Twitter

You may have a trending hashtag, but do you know how well it is actually doing and how the public is receiving it?

Is Your Hashtag Reaching The Right People?

You may have a trending hashtag -- but is it reaching your target market?

When Promoted Hashtags DON?T Work

Promoted hashtags are a good investment -- but they might not always work.

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