8 Types of Hashtags That Are Downright Annoying

Hashtags have become increasingly popular and are present on several things like music albums, posters and internet ads. However, some people go overboard with the use of these social media tools, making them more of a nuisance. The approach may even turn off potential clients, so it?s best to be careful on how you present hashtags to attract online users. Here is a list of the 8 most annoying hashtag uses we've seen so far on- and offline.

1. Jewelry

Hashtags are best left on the internet or on social media-related advertising materials. When you see someone wearing the ?#? symbol on their ears or a full hashtag around their neck, it becomes a complete fashion disaster. Printing hashtags on t-shirts can be acceptable up to a certain extent but accessories should be untouched when it comes to social media advertising.

2. Tattoo

Tattoos being permanent are among the biggest reasons why people put a lot of thought on the design and appeal. If you?re thinking of getting a hashtag tattoo, you might realize that the trend may not be as popular as it was 10 to 20 years from now. Also, it is quite weird to permanently affix a non-existent hashtag on your skin, regardless of the location.

3. Putting too many on a post

As a rule, social media users should limit their use of hashtags to 2 or 3 maximum. Otherwise, these only confuse users who may initially wish to join conversations. Also avoid using too many words in a single hashtag. Read more about What Never To Do With Hashtags.

4. Using these too loudly

Some people put hashtags on almost all their posts or in bold capital letters. Others talk about it on videos and online conversations in a very obnoxious manner and fail to use other effective social media tools and techniques. Use these moderately and only apply in proper situations.

5. At funerals

Always act appropriately when the situation requires. Many individuals cannot refrain from posting fun photos of themselves even when they?re on their way to a funeral, posting hashtags along with these. Keep the occasion solemn and show respect to the grieving family by removing hashtags and pictures that seem to show you don?t care. Read more about Infamous Hashtag Fails.

6. The poor baby

Some people are so in love with social media that they decided to name their children after the popular tool. One unfortunate baby, Hashtag Jameson, is bound to be the center of attention everywhere for such a peculiar name.

7. Insensitive tweets

Some companies turn a blind eye to major issues and news on other parts of the globe then capitalize on traumatic events by using the same hashtag to push their own brand. Some companies like Celebboutique received a lot of flak for being insensitive about the mass shooting that happened in Aurora, Colorado. Here are more Shocking Hashtag Blunders.

8. On letters

The internet has affected the intimacy of handwritten letters. Including hashtags on these further ruins the mood for many people. It is best to keep the tradition by leaving out hashtags and keeping these on tweets and emails. People should limit their use of hashtags and use a combination of other equally effective approaches. Ultimately, hashtags are a means to categorize topics online (or for some, to express emotion). Taking them beyond the areas for which they are intended may be popular now, but you'll no doubt regret doing it in the future. .  

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