How To NOT Creep People Out On Twitter

Social media has made it possible for people to connect and communicate easily, regardless of the time and place. However, it is best to practice proper online etiquette and follow the rules and guidelines set by social media platforms to have a great experience. Some people do not know that some of their approaches may be creeping people out on Twitter. You can lose followers unless you change fast.

1. Keep it professional.

If you have business contacts on Twitter and they share some of their contact information such as an email address or telephone number, avoid calling or emailing them for casual or personal purposes. Always stick to the business at hand and try to be more sensitive about the time unless it is important. Do not assume that people wish to be friends with you just because you have the same professional obligations and objectives. Wait for a few weeks or months until friendship develops.

2. Keep it casual.

Also, if you have casual or personal connections with other Twitter users, avoid sounding too business-like such as selling them a variety of things or insurance policies. People feel awkward around individuals who seem to be only interested in making money off them. If you have a business or a few offerings, just post it online every now and then without targeting any person in particular or forcing them to buy. Never mix business with casual social media use. creep2

3. Be patient.

Do not come off as someone who?s very close to a person if you?re truly not. The relationship should unravel gradually over time as you spend more time together and get involved in a number of transactions. You can invite the person for coffee or dinner after a few successful activities. However, do not force the issue or get disappointed if the other turns your invitation down. It takes some people months before they can fully trust someone online. creep3

4. Avoid being too personal.

Even if you?re only joking, it?s best to avoid asking people for gifts or favors. Also avoid sending gifts to your business contacts, especially their families since you?re not obliged too. You can give simple tokens to the person after successful transactions. Avoid referring to the other as your best friend since the feeling may not be reciprocated. Instead, find opportunities to grow the relationship, such as looking for common hobbies and interests like playing golf or watching football. creep1

5. Do not assume.

People should not assume that they?re really close with someone on social media if the other did not confirm. Do not exaggerate your description of the other person or he might be crept out. Do not assume that emoticons mean something more. Many people misinterpret the symbols that others post online. Stick to direct and understandable language. You should gather all the information first over time to avoid embarrassing yourself and the other party. Frequent responses and engagement to your social media posts do not mean that the person cares for you.

6. Avoid flooding.

Do not keep on posting on the other person?s wall or timeline. Do not keep sending him direct messages or tagging him in almost all your Tweets. Mentions should be limited only to relevant topics. Also, do not single him out from others who may also belong in the same group or you might embarrass him completely. Post frequently but make sure that the content is of good quality.

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