10 Social Media Rules To Live By

April 15, 2013
If you?re engaged in social media marketing and programs, always be aware of the needs and interests of your target audience. There are several aspects to be familiar with. It is equally important to show that you care about them and provide information and products that will be to their benefit, instead of presenting your company as an entity that merely wishes to make a quick sale. Know the basic rules of social media marketing and see your business grow to new heights in the next few weeks. Here are ten things you should do if you want your campaign to be effective.

10 Golden Rules

1. Listen to your audience

When using social media, take time to join discussions and read the information and content that online users post. You will learn their current needs and interests by engaging with them -- and then you can determine what you can offer to satisfy these demands. Some of them also probably don't realize what exactly they need but are voicing out opinions online. Learn to read between the lines.

2. Improve quality

This refers to the quality of your online audience. Experts recommend that you have fewer good quality online followers instead of thousands of random visitors. These relevant online users are the ones who actually avail of your offers and spread the word about your business.

3. Specialize

Companies who offer a lot of things are not considered experts. It?s better to hone down your specialties and market yourself as a master in a specific area. People will easily refer to you when it comes to related issues.

4. Boost reputation

Look for other experts in the field who can further spread information about your company and offers. Build strong relationships with these key individuals, who might also have a huge following of their own. Find mentors and learn how they maintain the good standing of their social media company.

5. Increase value

Your goal in providing content is to give good quality information that people cannot see elsewhere on social media. The conversations should provide them with solutions to their concerns and problems. Add value to the updates and posts whenever you can. Research on new and related information then post these regularly to add value to your content.

6. Compound users

Keep social media users interested by giving them good quality content. Also find opportunities to share information to key individuals who can further look for more loyal followers for you. You can grow your network effectively without getting random or unrelated users.

7. Be patient

Growing your social media presence will take a few weeks. There are other fortunate individuals who manage to go viral and gain thousands of new followers in just a few days. You should expect to see some solid progress in the next 6 to 12 months.

8. Give back

It is important to return the favor to the people and experts that you?ve created relationships with online. Thank them for joining your campaign and online discussions. Also join their own programs and spread the word about their specialty in the field. Direct relevant people to their account or provide them with good leads whenever possible.

9. Acknowledge online users

Even regular social media users should be thanked after participating in your social media campaign and activities. Tag them in your posts and appreciate their efforts. They will most likely keep joining your future activities after the acknowledgment.

10. Be available

To boost your reputation and improve your relationship with the target audience, they should consider you both approachable and available. Answer questions in a timely manner. Also post regularly and provide updates as necessary.

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