Christmas Preparation Can Be Tough - #HolidayMadeSimple Aims To Fix That

Through the many categories of Christmas, people can get lost. From food, decorations, and fun ideas, #HolidayMadeSimple seeks to remove the complications.

#NationalLipstickDay Celebrates A Must-Have Accessory That Was Once Banned

Social media celebrates the evolution of beauty with #NationalLipstickDay.

How To Make A Twitter Bio That Rocks

How your Twitter bio looks is just as important as your posts and update schedules. Here's how to make a very good first impression.

Are You Writing Your Hashtags Correctly? Why They're Not Working

Learn more about why your hashtags may not be working.

Do You Want To Create A Promoted Trend? Read These Rules First

There are rules that will help you make a proper Promoted Trend for maximum exposure and generate new loyal customers.

Twitter Marketing 101: What Does It Take For A Hashtag To Trend?

While some Twitter users are very successful at making well-trending hashtags, this doesn't mean you cannot do the same for your own campaign. Here's how you can make it happen.

Hashtags For Emotions: Why It Works

Hashtags are very effective in projecting emotions and letting people express themselves better.

Twitter Etiquette 101: The Yes and Nos of Posting Online

140 characters is a very powerful space; use it wisely and productively.

Knowing the Best Times to Post and Not to Post in Social Media Sites

When are the best and worst times to post in different social media networks?

5 Hashtag Advertising Don'ts To Avoid Like The Plague!

Advertisers and brands are using hashtags more often than traditional approaches and tools and with very good results. But there are rules to follow, to ensure that the target audience responds accordingly.

100,000 Followers? They May Have Been Bought!

Many social media users are still unaware that not every seemingly popular user has real followers.

5 Ways To Convert Your Clients On Twitter

Play your characters right and your followers could turn into your clients.

How To Build Social Media Buzz For Your Live Event

Getting the relevant individuals to become part of the live event will determine the success of the entire campaign

Prevent Your Hashtag From Turning Into a Bashtag

You can stop trolls from even thinking about sabotaging your hashtag.

Did Your Hashtag Get the Attention It Needed? Here?s How to Find Out

Here's how to find out how many used your hashtag in the past weeks.

5 Rules for Building a Branded Hashtag

How can small businesses reach high volume engagement with a branded hashtag? See how the masters did it.

How To Use Hashtags To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Even the simplest hashtags can result to thousands of clicks in favor of your personal website. Here's how to do it right.

Why Companies Should Adopt Hashtag Marketing

In this day and age of social media the business that does not ride on will be a business that is left behind.

Visual Impact: How Photos Ramp Up Your Social Media Strategy

Why are photos relevant to your social media campaign?

Teach Your Mom (And Any Novice) How to Use Twitter

How do you teach ground-zero beginners how to use Twitter?

When a British Celebrity?s Hashtag Backfires

When celebrity Arthur James launched a hashtag to engage with fans, he didn't prepare for the onslaught of trolls.

Twitter Ads 101: How To Get Started

There are available and free tools on Twitter to help you boost your marketing campaign.

6 Ways To Make Your Hashtag Stand Out

In this era of paid hashtag promotions, it would simply be a waste of resources if you don't do it right the first time.

4 Key Performance Indicators To Measuring Hashtag Success

How well did your hashtag perform? Measure it in numbers.

Do Follower Numbers Really Matter?

You have thousands of followers -- but are they really interested in what you're posting?

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