Social Media Votes And Decides On Who Is The #FaceOfMLB In 2014

The #FaceOfMLB 2014 will be decided using social media. Fans use the hashtag to vote for their favorite player that they think best represents the league.

To Help End Stigmas Associated With Mental Illness, The #BellLetsTalk Campaign Takes To Social Media

The social stigmas surrounding mental illnesses is diminishing thanks to the support of the #BellLetsTalk campaign which encourages social media to help out.

5 Things You Should Know About Using Facebook Hashtags

Since its first use in 2007, hashtags have become one of the most useful tools in social media. This article includes 5 must-know attributes of Facebook hashtags.

Social Media for Business: Where Should You Sign Up?

Businesses now need a social media account if they want to expand; but where to start?

How Do Marketers Benefit from Facebook Hashtags?

There is an ongoing debate among social media marketers regarding the true efficacy of hashtags on Facebook for campaigns.

Facebook Users Are NOT Hashtag Users, Says Study

Study shows Facebook users not too keen on hashtags.

Are Hashtags Working On Facebook? Study Says, Not Quite

Facebook may have upped the ante by also introducing hashtags, but a study shows the feature might not be enjoying the attention it expects.

Save The Date: June 19 Is When Facebook Does Hashtags

Watch out, Twitter. Hashtags are coming to social media's largest player.

Finally, Hashtags On Facebook Are Turning Legit

Now, you can use hashtags on Facebook for real.

Social Media Sites Compare Grammy Favorites

If social media support were to be any indication of an artist's win in the Grammy's, here's the "supposed" roster of awardees.

How To Get Away With Social Media At Work

There are ways to justify accessing social media at work should you get caught. Of course, these tactics are not boss-proof, so use them moderately -- or only in dire situations.

Social Media Manners for Professionals

Social media manners for professionals are important to maintain a good reputation and solid relationships for the long term.

Homeless, But Not Twitter-less

Today's homeless youth may not be too far from the regular sheltered teens when it comes to a social media presence.

Social Media Empowers Social Giving In 2012

2012 was a year of empowered philanthropic activities made more successful by active social media promotion.

Anti-Instagram Lawsuit "Without Merit," Says FB

A class action lawsuit against Instagram for the revisions to the terms of service post-Facebook takeover has emerged; but Facebook says it won't hold.

Facebook Encourages Stronger Bonds Over Twitter: Study

According to a recently conducted study, ties created on social networking site Facebook are stronger compared to those built on Twitter.

Twitter Went For Instagram, But Didn't Formalize: Reports Say

Reports say Twitter had offered to acquire Instagram, but didn't put it on paper.

Would You Pay To Be On Instagram?

After Facebook's takeover of the free photo-sharing site in April 2012, the Zuckerberg firm is now considering making money off the platform. Would you agree?

#ModernSeinfeld Prepares To Trend Big Time

The hashtag #ModernSeinfeld is now onTwitter where online users can share their own ideas on how the story would have gone in recent times.

How Social Media Can Threaten Your Job

Some individuals have lost their jobs because of careless use of Twitter and other social media platforms and not taking care of their account.

The Child Named Hashtag

Would you name your child 'hashtag'?<br/><br/>Someone did.

Study: Recruiters Aren't Really Into Social Media

A recent study shows that while social media sites like Twitter are a great way to feature your professional profile, recruiters aren't really looking this way as often as we might think.

Your Facebook Details Could Be For Sale -- For $5!

A Bulgarian blogger reveals that he purchased 1.1 million usernames and data off Facebook accounts for $5.

Tired Of Electioneering Tweets? This New Extension Will Scrap Them

Making your Twitter feed politics-free is now possible with Chrome's newest extension.

Microsoft Boots Out Twitter, Facebook For Xbox 360

Microsoft retires the Facebook and Twitter from Xbox 360, brings in Internet Explorer

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