Burger King's #TBT: The #SubservientChicken Returns for 10-year Anniversary

How Burger King got itself to trend by bringing back it's most loved Internet character.

#AmazingBabyRescueMe: How Evian Used The Hashtag To Its Advantage

See how Evian rode on the Amazing Spider-Man 2.

How To Build Social Media Buzz For Your Live Event

Getting the relevant individuals to become part of the live event will determine the success of the entire campaign

Social Media Wedding Concierge Live Tweets Your Wedding Day

A hotel in New York offers to give couples full social media live coverage on their wedding day.

Oscar Selfies And The Twitter Amplify Program

Smart move, Samsung. Smart move.

FIFA Says "Please, No" To Social Media Freeriders On The 2014 World Cup

FIFA 2014 organizers asked unofficial advertisers to stop free-riding on the event. Would they follow? Does ethics exist among marketers in social media?

Tyson Knows How Hashtags Trend. See Why #TysonGlutenFree Worked

When it comes to hashtags that trend, food manufacturer Tyson shows us how it's done.

#ActionTags Bring Consumers Closer To Brands

How Chirpify marries hashtag use with business and marketing.

5 Rules for Building a Branded Hashtag

How can small businesses reach high volume engagement with a branded hashtag? See how the masters did it.

Russell Crowe Tweets Plea To Pope To Watch His New Film

Is this a real plea, or a marketing strategy?

Why Companies Should Adopt Hashtag Marketing

In this day and age of social media the business that does not ride on will be a business that is left behind.

Twitter Still Celebrates #RejectedCandyHearts

And so it happens every year, during Valentine's.

Super Bowl Season is Also Hashtag Season! See Who's at the Top

This year, hashtag advertising on TV went up further as the Super Bowl draws much larger crowds.

Hashtag Etiquette Checklist: 5 Things Your Hashtag Should Never Be

Unsure where to start with your hashtag? This don'ts list should set you up firmly from the start.

Food And Hashtags: How The Fastfood Industry Markets On Twitter

How do some of the world's top food chains manage their hashtags?

7 Social Media Trends to Watch For in 2014

The opening of 2014 should jumpstart your social media strategy. Here's where -- and how -- you can start.

8 Ways To Tie Your Twitter Campaign To The 2014 New Year

Because it's the new year, it's time to hit that refresh button. Here's how to tie your campaign with the hype coming with the turn of the year.

How to Build a Trending Hashtag: 3 Questions To Ask Before Starting

Here are three important questions to ask before you go on your way to crafting that perfect trending hashtag.

Business And Instagram: How To Make It Work

Instagram is a highly visual platform and it is up to you, the business owner, to make sure your account's appeal lingers.

Twitter Marketing 101: How To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

How to be above the rest on social media.

How To ?Spam? Your Twitter Feed Without Being Annoying

Spam isn't all bad. Here's how to be visible on Twitter without inviting suspicion.

How #WalmartFights Became An Annual Black Friday Tradition

With the post-Black Friday hangover still buzzing days after, let's look at the annual brouhaha characterizing #WalmartFights.

What Does The Online Consumer Want?

Business owners and marketers are always finding ways to appeal to existing and potential customers. How do you appeal to the online buyer?

What Is Your Social Media Personality? How Clients See You Online Matters

You can control how your followers perceive your brand on social media.

Twitter and Your Holiday Shopping Habits: Study

Beyond 140 character tweets, the micro-blogging platform is also a choice shopping destination, says study.

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