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Schools Use Social Media To Protect Students Online

Glendale Unified School District invested some $40,000 on a new service to monitor its students' activities online.

Hackers Attack The Financial Times In String Of Incidents

Hackers claiming to be the Syrian Electronic Army are on a roll -- and are targeting major news agencies.

Social Media and Children: The Good and the Bad

Social media is a great way to communicate and share information; but it's not always conducive for children. Here are tips for parents.

Celeb Tweet Blunders: How Personal Is Personal?

Sharing personal details is acceptable but only to a certain degree. Some of these can lead to permanent damage.

Convert A Hacking Nightmare Into A Productive Online Solution

When the Burger King Twitter account was hacked, its team was quick to turn the situation around.

New Tech Can Monitor Social Media Activity -- But What of Security?

Raytheon reveals a software that can track social media activity any time.

Twitter Ups Security After 250K Accounts Reset

A recent attack on 250,000 user accounts has prompted Twitter to finally strengthen its security with a new platform.

Vine Experiences Porn Problems Following Twitter Acquisition

Twitter may have lofty expectations for its new acquisition, Vine, but things immediately turned bad when the app featured a short explicit video as one of its ?editor?s pick?.

How to Avoid Hashtag Hijacking

A hashtag may be too popular that hijackers are itching to sabotage it. Here's how you can protect yourself.

Reporting Impersonation Accounts and Media Violations

What may seem like a publicity boost for celebrities can also affect regular folk if the account is managed by the wrong hands.

Anti-Instagram Lawsuit "Without Merit," Says FB

A class action lawsuit against Instagram for the revisions to the terms of service post-Facebook takeover has emerged; but Facebook says it won't hold.

Keep Your Private Twitter Account Separate From The Professional

Here are the pros and cons of keeping your personal Twitter account separate from your private account.

Twitter Trolls Will Get Off Easy -- If Drunk

New guidelines by UK authorities show that online trolls may be absolved of wrongdoing if proven to have been drunk at the time of posting.

"We Will Not Sell Photos," Instagram Clarifies

Instagram explains new terms of service and clarifies privacy issues after Facebook's takeover.

SMS Glitch Exposes Twitter User Accounts To Potential Attacks

There is an existing flaw in the manner that the social micro-blogging site manages SMS manages which poses the risk of hackers getting their hands on your personal information.

False Twitter Accusations Face Legal Backlash

Twitter users must understand the potential damage and legal implications a single tweet with unfounded information can cause.

Twitter's Trademark Policy Simplified

Read about Twitter's rules trademarks and how far your accounts can go with borrowing logos, statements and symbols.

Twitter Apologizes For False Hacking Scare

A glitch in the Twitter tech room prompts panic during a major political event in China -- but the firm was quick to douse rumors of a hacking attempt.

Reporting Spam and Privacy Breaches On Twitter

Unauthorized sharing of your personal information is something reportable on Twitter. Here's how to lock down on unscrupulous individuals and spammers on the micro-blogging community.

How To Protect Your Photos On Twitter

Twitter users need to be extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their private information and photos online. Here's how to make sure your photos don't get to the wrong eyes.

Attention, Parents! How To Protect Your Kids On Twitter

Twitter is a fun way for your child to explore and learn new things, but it can also threaten his or her security and privacy. Here's how you can help make micro-blogging a safe and pleasant experience for your child.

What To Do If Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

Has your Twitter account been a victim of hacking? Here's what you can do.

Your Facebook Details Could Be For Sale -- For $5!

A Bulgarian blogger reveals that he purchased 1.1 million usernames and data off Facebook accounts for $5.

How To Screen Follower Requests On Twitter

You can choose who follows you and who you'd rather not read your tweets. Here's how to screen requests.

Protect Yourself from Hackers and Spammers!

Spammers and hackers will not only ruin your Twitter experience but also possibly destroy your computer. Here's how to avoid them online.

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